Tips & Tricks

Extending the Microsoft RDP Client with API Hooking

Out of all the protocols and platforms supported by Remote Desktop Manager, RDP on Windows is by far the most popular.

How to Export and Regenerate Encryption Keys in Devolutions Server

In this article, we take a closer look at how to export and regenerate encryption keys in Devolutions Server.

Copy/Paste in and out of embedded RDP sessions for RDM Mac

RDP has built-in clipboard support, allowing you to copy and paste between your local session and the remote system exactly as if you were using it locally...

Devolutions Gateway Adaptive Connection Modes Explained

Let's dive deeper into Devolutions Gateway and put the adaptive connection modes under the spotlight.

How to Set Inherited VPN at Root in Remote Desktop Manager

Let's take a look at one of the simplest — and also one of the most helpful — features in Remote Desktop Manager: setting inherited VPN at root.

5 Reasons Why Good Remote Connection Management Solution is Essential

For millions of IT pros and teams around the world, one tool that they readily declare as essential is good remote desktop management software. Discover five reasons why this tool is essential.

Remote Desktop Manager Frequently Asked Questions

To help our customers save their valuable time, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Remote Desktop Manager.

Finding Secret RDP Registry Keys Using IDA Free

The goal of this blog post is to show how anyone can perform simple reverse engineering tasks using nothing more than logical deduction and the right set of tools.

Remote Desktop Manager: From PowerShell to PowerShell Core

In response to numerous requests from our users, we have made the decision to shift from PowerShell to PowerShell core, starting with Remote Desktop Manager 2021.2.

7 Tips for New IT Grads

If you have just entered (or will soon enter) the booming IT world, then your career path promises to be interesting and exciting! To help you maximize success and minimize setbacks, here are 7 tips t...

[TIPS] How to Renew Your Remote Desktop Manager License for Single Users, Admins, and Not-for-Resale

One of the best things about Remote Desktop Manager licenses is that they are per USER and not per MACHINE. This allows users to install as many versions as they wish — on their work computer, VM, lap...

New on Devolutions’ YouTube Channel: Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips Video Series

Great news: the Devolutions YouTube Channel now features a “Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips” video series! In these videos, our talented Digital Marketing Specialist and Devolutions’ HQ co-host Yann s...

A Closer Look at the Password Hub Personal Emergency Kit

Devolutions’ Password Hub Personal centralizes and secures all of your personal passwords and other sensitive data such as credit card numbers, home alarm system codes, etc. We also know that your tim...

How to Use Devolutions Web Login When Browsing in Incognito Mode

An easy and effective way to keep hackers — or just nosy colleagues, family members, and friends — from snooping on your surfing history, cookies, site data, and form information is by activating “inc...

How to Restore a User Vault as a Shared Vault in Password Hub Business

There are some common questions in life that really have no final, definitive, and universally-accepted answer. Questions like: “Why do we press harder on the remote control buttons when we know the b...

[NEW FEATURE SPOTLIGHT] Dark Theme in RDM for Android Is Here!

I have some great news for all of you RDM for Android users: Your wait is over, because Dark Theme has arrived! Dark Theme has been available on every other RDM platform for quite a while. However, it...

[Feature Spotlight] Using the Multiple Monitor Span Display in Remote Desktop Manager

These days, using just one monitor doesn’t cut it anymore with Zoom meetings, chat apps, and SO MANY BROWSER TABS OPEN ALL THE TIME (honestly, it’s really­­ out of control).Well, we have some good new...

New Password Hub Family Credential Type: Azure Service Principal

Let’s roll out the red carpet, start the drumroll, and let the white doves fly as we welcome a new credential type to the Password Hub Family: Azure Service Principal. About Azure Service Principal...

[New Feature Spotlight] Live Thumbnails in Remote Desktop Manager for Linux

Thumbnails are good things because they tell us at a glance what something looks like — and we can determine whether it’s worth our time to drill down and learn more. But do you know what’s even bette...

[New Feature Spotlight] Launching Embedded or Undocked Sessions in Remote Desktop Manager for Linux

People outside the IT field sometimes have difficulty grasping that geeks (and of course, I use this term with the utmost respect and affection) don’t just need reliable information to do their jobs e...