Stephanie Gagnon

Stephanie Gagnon

Hello, I am a Product Marketer here at Devolutions. I have been with our company for several years, and previously I worked in our Translation Department. My role includes creating technical and marketing content for our roster of products, as well as for our website. I also continue to oversee our Translation team. I am passionate about IT, which I studied at college. I am also very interested in cybersecurity, and currently taking college courses in networking and security (the learning never stops!). On a more personal note, I looooooooooooove Legos and my two Coton de Tulear dogs whose names are “Q-Tips” and “Fluffy”.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Use a Linux Server Database Backend with Remote Desktop Manager

Starting with version 2022.1.11.0, Remote Desktop Manager no longer supports MySQL or Maria DB as a data source.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Improve Security by Integrating Devolutions Server & Devolutions Password Hub with PowerShell Secret Management

In many organizations, credentials in PowerShell scripts are stored as plaintext. This practice weakens security and expands the attack surface area...

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Increase Productivity by Automating Remote Desktop Manager Client Deployment & Other Administrative Tasks

Discover how SysAdmins can enable their organization to; Increase Productivity and Efficiency, Ensure Compliance and Consistency, and much more in this new use case!

Devolutions Gateway Adaptive Connection Modes Explained

Let's dive deeper into Devolutions Gateway and put the adaptive connection modes under the spotlight.

A Closer Look at Devolutions Gateway

Devolutions Gateway provides authorized just-in-time access to resources in segmented networks. This way, end-users can securely access the company’s internal network from home.

An Overview of Devolutions Server Subscription Options & Additional Tools/Modules

For those who are new to this solution, Devolutions Server is our full-featured shared account and password management solution, with add-on privileged access management (PAM) functionality.

[NEW RELEASE] Devolutions Server 2022.1

Right on schedule per David’s annual 2022 Devolutions Roadmap, we are pleased to announce that Devolutions Server 2022.1 is now available!

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Secure RDP Credentials by Replacing Remote Credential Guard with Devolutions Server PAM

In our new use case (which includes how-to steps), we explore how switching from RCG to Devolutions Server PAM enables organizations to: Strengthen Security, Increase Flexibility, and more!

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations That Use RDP Can Improve Security, Performance & Functionality by Switching from RD Gateway to Devolutions Gateway

In our new case study (which includes how-to steps), you will discover how this approach;,enhances security, reduces exposure, expands visibility, and improves network performance.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations That Use RDP Can Avoid Complexity, Reduce Costs & Boost Network Visibility by Using Devolutions Gateway Instead of a VPN

In this use case, you will discover how this approach; establishes robust security, turns complexity into simplicity, improves network performance, and increases functionality and versatility.