Marc-Andre Moreau

Marc-Andre Moreau

Marc-André Moreau, Chief Technology Officer, leads various research and development initiatives at Devolutions. Founder of the FreeRDP project, remote desktop protocol expert, open source contributor with an entrepreneurial background.

Extending the Microsoft RDP Client with API Hooking

Out of all the protocols and platforms supported by Remote Desktop Manager, RDP on Windows is by far the most popular.

MSRDC Is Now Supported in Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager 2022.1 now supports MSRDC as an alternative to MSTSC, with both embedded and external RDP connections on Windows.

Finding Secret RDP Registry Keys Using IDA Free

The goal of this blog post is to show how anyone can perform simple reverse engineering tasks using nothing more than logical deduction and the right set of tools.

Wayk is dead, long live Wayk!

Summertime is the perfect time for vacation and relaxation, but it is also an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what is to come. Building a new product from scratch and make it commercial...

Protecting RDP Passwords from Mimikatz Using Remote Credential Guard

There was a bit of a stir recently when someone noticed that the password used to connect with RDP remained in memory and therefore could be grabbed by the popular mimikatz tool. The reality is that t...


Local PowerShell Module Repository, No Server Required

Simple PowerShell scripts can go a long way on their own, but they can go even further with PowerShell modules. The largest PowerShell repository is PSGallery, where one can find modules to get the jo...


Why Active Directory LDAP Unauthenticated Binds Should Be Disabled, and How to Do It

Windows Active Directory has been the undisputed king of corporate network environments for decades, and while Azure Active Directory is slowly taking its place, Windows Active Directory is here to st...


How to Configure Secure LDAP (LDAPS) in Active Directory with Let's Encrypt

An essential part of hardening an Active Directory environment is configuring Secure LDAP (LDAPS). When LDAPS is enabled, LDAP traffic from domain members and the domain controller is protected from p...


PowerShell Remoting Over SSH, Without SSH!

A few months ago, PowerShell 7 came out, finally bridging the gap between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core. It is now possible to use the same PowerShell everywhere (Windows, macOS, Linux!) whil...


[Insider Series] Announcing the MongoDB CWAL Rust driver project

The Black Friday deals are over and 2019 is coming to an end, but we still have something in store to satisfy the Rust developers among you. Today, we are announcing MongoDB CWAL, a community-supporte...