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Introducing our new “Adventures of a CTO” section

We added a new section to the Devolutions blog! Adventures of a CTO, authored by our very own Chief Technology Officer, Marc-André Moreau, provides insightful content for tech-oriented minds.

How to migrate a Remote Desktop Manager SQL Server data source to Devolutions Server

This tutorial provides straightforward instructions for migrating your Remote Desktop Manager SQL Server data source to Devolutions Server.

Devolutions Hub: The Credential Manager of Choice for IT Professionals

Devolutions Hub is a secure cloud-based IT credential manager that pairs well with Remote Desktop Manager to create the ideal solution for managing credentials.

Delinea Secret Server Single Sign-On (SSO) is Now Supported in Remote Desktop Manager!

As of version 2023.3.24.0, Remote Desktop Manager now supports Delinea Secret Server SSO.

Frequently Asked Questions - Security Edition

At Devolutions, we’ve prioritized security since day one. In this spirit, we’re here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our security policies and practices.

All Roads Lead to PowerShell

In this article, we explore PowerShell’s versatility as an integrated feature in Remote Desktop Manager (RDM).

How to Invite a Guest User in Devolutions Server

This article outlines the workflow for sharing credentials/assets with external guests and highlights the advantages of leveraging Azure AD's guest management functionality in Devolutions Server.

How To Link Two Accounts to One License in Remote Desktop Manager

As of v.2023.2, Remote Desktop Manager users can link two accounts to a single license, eliminating the need for separate licenses.

7 IT Security Best Practices for Supporting Remote Workers

The rise of remote work in SMBs poses challenges, particularly in network security. IT professionals must address these challenges in order to find suitable solutions for this new paradigm.

7 Best Practices: Remote Desktop Management for Superior Support

In this blog article, Jeff, a member of Devolutions' Technical Support Team, shares his advice for delivering exceptional support.

Unraveling Zero Knowledge and Zero Trust Concepts

In this article, we shed light on the distinct roles and applications of the seemingly similar, yet different concepts of Zero Knowledge and Zero Trust.

RDP Management Showdown: RDCMan vs. Devolutions RDM

In this article, we'll explore how RDCMan stacks up against its new rival, RDM.

Gartner's 7 Priorities for CIOs in 2023

In today's rapidly-evolving technological landscape, CIOs are more important than ever. To help navigate this landscape, Gartner has identified seven key priorities for CIOs to focus on.

Securing the Slack Primary Owner in Devolutions Server PAM

Devolutions Server Privileged Access Management (PAM) offers the perfect solution for securing a Slack Primary Owner account.

RDM on Windows ARM: A Story of Power Efficiency and Speed

Starting in Windows RDM version 2022.3.14.0, ARM is an officially supported architecture. Discover the history of Windows on ARM, why RDM on ARM is important, and the future of ARM computing!

Goodbye Sub Connections, Hello (Much Better) Sub Entries in RDM!

Starting in RDM 2022.3, we have replaced sub connections with sub entries. Discover why we made this change, and why it’s a significant improvement.

Advanced VNC Features in Remote Desktop Manager

In this article, we propose an alternative, streamlined solution to matching up your server with its compatible VNC application.

New Videos Added to RDM Pro Tips Series!

The Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips video series has become very popular. Below, we recap 8 informative videos that we have added since the initial launch

[SURVEY INSIGHTS]: 4 Types of Remote Working Challenges that a Remote Access Tool Must Address

Remote work (in one form or another) is here to stay and will become even more prevalent in the years ahead.

What’s the Difference Between 2FA and MFA (and Why Does it Matter?)

While some things around the world are (finally!) getting better, the cyberthreat landscape is definitely getting worse. The third annual Devolutions State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022/23 Survey ...