Customer Stories

How IT Pro Derek T. Uses RDM to Improve Operations at a Leading Advisory, Assurance, and Tax Firm

In a recent interview with Devolutions, IT professional Derek T. shares his experiences with using RDM in the context of an advisory, assurance, and tax firm.

Customer Story: HES-SO//Fribourg

This story outlines how the system administrators at the HES-SO//Fribourg were able to address their password and remote connection management requirements with Devolutions' solutions.

[CASE STUDY] How ReiseBank AG Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Accessibility

ReiseBank AG has been using Remote Desktop Manager for about three years, and it continues to enjoy practical advantages and benefits.

[CASE STUDY] How Brazil’s Quanta Previdência Cooperativa Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Security

Quanta Previdência Cooperativa has been using Remote Desktop Manager since 2018, and they continue to enjoy the advantages and benefits.

[Customer Story]: Interview with CompKickers’ Founder John Kenny on Discovering and Using Remote Desktop Manager

CompKickers’ Founder John Kenny shared his story of discovering and using Remote Desktop Manager to serve his clients and move his company forward.

[CUSTOMER STORY] How ISM Group Is Using Devolutions Server to Enable Secure Remote Access & Enhance Client Service

“Devolutions Server has saved our company. Devolutions has always have been there for us with their various solutions, all of which have become mission critical to our business services.”Simon-David W...

[Customer Story] Discover How Wortell Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Increase Efficiency, Visibility, Security & Governance

“We can trust and depend on Devolutions.”—Adrie Bergwerff, Process Controller, Change, Improve and Inform at Wortell Client Snapshot: Wortell Headquartered in the Netherlands, Wortell empowers people ...

[Customer Story] Discover How Aptean Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Streamline Administration, Strengthen Security, Increase Visibility & Enhance Efficiency

“All of our Consultants and Developers are now using Remote Desktop Manager, and they simply can’t work without it anymore.”—Ron van Elteren, Technical Consultant, Aptean Client Snapshot: Aptean Aptea...


[Customer Story] IT Pro Francois Fournier Trusts Remote Desktop Manager to Save Time, Improve Results, and Reduce the “Annoyance Factor”

“RDM is the best solution I’ve found on the market, and I’ve never come across anything else that can do what RDM does. Getting it is a no brainer, and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my c...

Case Study Nicolas Bonnet MVP Groupe Scala

[Customer Story] Groupe Scala Increased their Efficiency by Centralizing their Tools into Remote Desktop Manager

“The moment I saw all of Remote Desktop Manager’s features, I knew it was the solution we needed.” -Nicolas Bonnet, Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility & System and Network Engineer at Groupe Sca...


[FEATURE REQUEST SPOTLIGHT] The Evolution of the Check Out System

Earlier this year, one of our valued Remote Desktop Manager power users named Rob Condon made a couple of feature requests on our forum concerning our popular Check Out System. We’ll look at Rob’s sug...

Case Study Brent Quick Intelligent Technologies RDM

[Customer Story] How Intelligent Technologies Improved Their Operational Efficiency with Devolutions Password Server and Remote Desktop Manager

“I live in RDM everyday, and without it I would not be able to do my job.” – Brent Quick, Networking and Infrastructure Consultant, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. Client Snapshot: Intelligent Technol...

Case Study Iain Green Enterprise Platform Support Analyst

[Customer Story] Iain Green Increased Productivity Using Remote Desktop Manager's Multiple Import Options

“Remote Desktop Manager stands above them all for its ease of use, regular development and integrated tools.” Iain Green, Enterprise Platform Support Analyst Client Snapshot: Iain Green Iain Green is...

Case Study Rafael Felipe Software Engineer Dell RDM

[Customer Story] How Dell Increased Productivity With Remote Desktop Manager’s Quick Connect Feature

“Remote Desktop Manager is an incredible tool that simplifies the tasks of an IT pro. We really increased our agility and productivity with RDM.” Rafael Felipe, Principal Software Engineer at Dell Cl...

Schema Networks Case Study Scott Weaver

[Customer Story] Why Schema Networks' Chose Devolutions Password Server as a Solution for Their Password Efficiency Challenges

“I remain impressed that Devolutions had the foresight to make a great backend SQL solution to support this product.” -Scott Weaver, Schema Networks’ Founder and Partner Client Snapshot: Schema Netwo...

Case Study Sean OSullivan

[Customer Story] A Single Pane of Glass for Managing Servers by Sean O’Sullivan

Client Snapshot: Sean O’Sullivan A self-described “technology addict,” Sean has been working in the IT industry for over a decade, doing his best to keep servers (and their users) happy.  Outside of w...

Case Study Managing 500 servers RDM

[Customer Story] Ben Liebowitz Consolidates Multiple Tools and Stores His Organization's Passwords Into Remote Desktop Manager

Client Snapshot Ben Liebowitz, VCP (VMware Certified Professional), is a Storage and Server Engineer for an international law firm headquartered in New York City. The firm is consistently ranked as on...

Case Study Herrick District Library

[Customer Story] How Herrick District Library Improved Their Efficiency With The Use of Remote Desktop Manager

“In my view, the best thing about RDM is the usability of the client. It’s a great tool for anyone who has servers to manage, whether they are on-site or virtual.” - Logan Poe, HDL’s Network and Compu...

Case Stusy U&S Services Remote Desktop Manager

[Customer Story] U&S Services Relies on Remote Desktop Manager to Keep Their Data Secure and Up-to-Date

“Remote Desktop Manager’s single pane to connect to almost anything over IP – without bouncing around – has saved me countless hours.” Client Snapshot: U&S Services, Inc. U&S Services is a le...

[Customer Story] Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier Chose Remote Desktop Manager To Improve Passwords And Credentials Security

“I am proud to say that RDM is the only tool that we now use to centralize RDP, SSH and VNC”. - Germano Saffier, IT Architect Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier is an experienced IT Architect who we are ...