Laurence Cadieux

Laurence Cadieux

Hello! My name is Laurence Cadieux, and I’m a Communication Coordinnator here at Devolutions. My role includes overseeing the content strategy and development of our blog, managing the content and communication for our VIP advocate platform “Devolutions Force,” and working closely with our PR partners around the world. I also handle our off-site content opportunities (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.). Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I sing in a band, and I enjoy watching my favorite movies again and again. I also love cooking, and during the pandemic, I became a bread expert — I can now bake the most amazing key lime pie on earth (if I do say so myself!). Plus, I recently discovered LEGO and there is no turning back — I’m hooked! I’m always happy to help, and you can reach me directly at

Our Latest Webinar Recording is Now Available!

Our latest webinar “Tackling IT Security in Small Businesses: Mitigating Risks with Devolutions” is now available on the Devolutions YouTube channel.

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Devolutions' security teams offer specialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping advice for InfoSec specialists, highlighting essential security-related products and services.

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Devolutions invited executives and decision-makers from SMBs worldwide to share their experiences related to IT security and cybersecurity in 2023.

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New Webinar: Tackling IT Security in Small Business: Mitigating Risk with Devolutions

Devolutions announces that it will be hosting a webinar on November 22 specifically designed for small businesses facing unique IT security challenges.

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Devolutions has consolidated its Workspace and Devolutions Web Login tools into a single streamlined entity known as Devolutions Workspace.

Meet Us at the Cybersecurity Summit in NYC on Nov. 17

Join Devolutions at the upcoming Cybersecurity Summit in NYC on November 17, where VP Maurice Côté will share his expertise on a panel discussing data privacy and identity protection.

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The "Devolutions' State of IT Security in SMBs in 2023-24” survey report is now available.

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The full recording of our latest webinar, “Beyond Remote Desktop Manager's Basics: Guide to Real-world Use Cases,” is now available on our YouTube channel!

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At Devolutions, we’ve prioritized security since day one. In this spirit, we’re here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our security policies and practices.

October Poll Question: What is Your Favorite RDM Integration?

This October, Devolutions is polling users to find out their favorite RDM integration.

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Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, our September contest has been extended through October.

Meet Us at it-Sa Expo&Congress in Germany October 10–12

This October, Devolutions' event team will be attending it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 in Germany.

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We are pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a new webinar entitled “Beyond Remote Desktop Manager's Basics: Guide to Real-world Use Cases.”

September Contest: Get $50 for Trying the New PAM Beta in Devolutions Hub Business

This month, we're changing things up and giving you a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card instead of the usual $25.

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Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to get our customers' thoughts on the ever-changing social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Meta’s newest platform, Threads.

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From an increase in ransomware payments to a surge in IoT malware attacks, the numbers you’ll see in this article are alarming. But, don't worry! We have good news too.

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This article outlines the workflow for sharing credentials/assets with external guests and highlights the advantages of leveraging Azure AD's guest management functionality in Devolutions Server.