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New on Devolutions’ YouTube Channel: Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips Video Series

Great news: the Devolutions YouTube Channel now features a “Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips” video series!

In these videos, our talented Digital Marketing Specialist and Devolutions’ HQ co-host Yann shares helpful tips, best practices, and insightful ways to get the most out of Remote Desktop Manager.

Currently, the Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips series includes videos on how to:

  • Enable 2FA in RDM

This video covers how to easily enable 2FA when starting up Remote Desktop Manager!

  • Create a vault template in RDM

This video covers how to easily create a "Vault Template" that can be reused when creating new vaults in Remote Desktop Manager.

  • Disable auto-update notifications in RDM

This video covers how to easily enable or disable the update notification feature in Remote Desktop Manager.

  • Assign custom fonts and colors to SSH sessions in RDM

This video covers how to quickly customize colors and fonts on SSH terminal sessions in Remote Desktop Manager.

  • Use the built-in PWNED feature in RDM to see if passwords have been hacked

This video covers how to enable the PWNED password feature to see if your passwords have been compromised and used in a data leak. This feature is built-in to Remote Desktop Manager.

  • Launch RDM from the command line

This video covers how to launch Remote Desktop Manager with parameters from the Command Line. Check out the KB article for more information:

  • Use playlists in RDM to automate daily tasks

This video covers how to use playlists in Remote Desktop Manager to automate daily tasks and to help you get your job done quicker!

  • Grant access in RDM to view passwords, edit entries, and log comments

In Remote Desktop Manager, the view password option is disabled for non-admin users. It’s set this way by default for security purposes. There may be a reason why you want to grant access to a specific user to be able to view passwords or even edit permissions. This video covers how you can easily grant access to view password, edit entries and log comments.

  • Enable offline mode in RDM

This video covers how to enable Offline Mode to access data even when disconnected from datasource.

  • Improve team workflow with RDM’s checkout feature

This video covers how to improve your team’s workflow with the Checkout feature. The Checkout system locks an entry while it is being used or modified. It prevents users from using or editing an entry at the same time. The checkout system can be enabled for sessions, documents, credentials, and information entries. This feature is only available when using SQL Server or Devolutions Server data sources.

  • Migrate RDM configuration settings from one PC to another

This video covers how to easily migrate your Remote Desktop Manager configuration settings from one PC to another. Here’s a quick little tool you can use in RDM to copy your configuration file and export it from one computer to another so you can save all the relevant information, your data sources, so you’re up and running, as quickly as possible.

  • Transfer data sources from one RDM to another

This video covers how to simply transfer data sources from one Remote Desktop Manager installation to another.

You can watch the specific video(s) that interest you, or you can launch the playlist and get on your way to becoming a Remote Desktop Manager expert!

We are continuously adding videos, and we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you always know when fresh new content is available.

If you would like to suggest a feature or topic for us to cover in the Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips series, please comment below or get in touch with Yann directly at — he would love to hear from you!

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