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5 Robots Everybody Wants to Work With

Hopefully you work with great co-workers who help you achieve work-related tasks and goals, while also making the work experience more fun — whether it’s having lunch together, discussing geeky topics...

The Latest Cyber Threats and How They Can Affect Your Organization! HQ#20

Cyber threats are increasingly becoming a major issue for all types of organizations.  This week Jenny and I discuss the latest security threats that affected the city of Baltimore, Desjardins Credit ...

What is BlueKeep, and How Can It Affect Your Organization? - HQ #019

This week in Devolutions HQ, I invited Mathieu Morrisette, one of our Security Analysts' here at Devolutions, to discuss the latest security analyst called BlueKeep.  Mat offers several tips on how to...

8 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Companies - HQ #018

This week in Devolutions HQ, we decided to film the episode outside. As IT people, we know that a lot of our work requires us to be in front of our computers, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjo...