Tips & Tricks

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Roles in Remote Desktop Manager

In the past, when discussing security in Remote Desktop Manager, we talked about Security Groups. But things have changed and we are moving towards a Role Based Security System, since this gives you ...

Case Studies

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Case Study: VMware Inc.

“Remote Desktop Manager is my favorite tool and I cannot imagine working without it.” – Anjani Kumar, VMware’s Cloud Implementation and Deployment Engineering Consultant Client Snapshot: VMware VMwar...

Fun & Lifestyle

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Fireball Pinball Comes to Devolutions

You may remember that several months ago, I bragged about Devolutions’ amazing pinball machine collection? Please don’t be jealous – you’re always welcome to stop by and play (and you don’t need a po...

The History of Programming

Are you a student of history? If so, then you may know when the Magna Carta was signed, or who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. But how sharp are your mind and memory when it comes to the history of ...