Marc-Olivier Cantin

Marc-Olivier Cantin

Hello! I am the Community Manager here at Devolutions. My role is to manage our social media accounts, as well as our advocate platform called “Devolutions Force”. I also interact with our amazing community and create content for our blog. My education includes a diploma in marketing, and I have also studied political science and criminology. When I am not working, I enjoy video games, movies (mostly horror), and listening to music. I am actually a huge geek in all of these areas!

The Complete Star Wars Timeline

To mark May the Fourth this year, we're pleased to share this Star Wars timeline with some information about upcoming projects in the series!

Sad About E3 2022? Here Are 5 Things in the Gaming World to Be Excited About

Since E3 2022 is not happening, to cheer up all of you, fellow gamers, we thought it would be fun to do some digging and highlight five upcoming things gamers can get excited about.

A Look at Some Cool Gadgets in 2022

We thought it would be fun to look at some cool gadgets in 2022 that you may want to add to your life — or at least put on your wish list!

March Poll Results: Which In-Person IT Conferences Are You Planning to Attend This Year?

Well, last month we asked if you’ll be staying or going to any in-person IT conferences this year, now that they’re finally returning to the scene. Here’s a look at some of your responses.

[CASE STUDY] How ReiseBank AG Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Accessibility

ReiseBank AG has been using Remote Desktop Manager for about three years, and it continues to enjoy practical advantages and benefits.

March Poll Question: What In-Person IT Conferences Are You Planning to Attend This Year?

March poll question: what in-person IT conferences are you planning to attend this year?

Top 12 Strategic Technology Trends for 2022

Gartner has revealed its top 12 strategic technology trends for 2022.

5 Reasons Why Good Remote Connection Management Solution is Essential

For millions of IT pros and teams around the world, one tool that they readily declare as essential is good remote desktop management software. Discover five reasons why this tool is essential.

Come Join Us on Devolutions’ Main Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Instead of having separate Facebook and Twitter accounts focused on Remote Desktop Manager we are going to bring EVERYTHING over to our main company Facebook and Twitter accounts.

January Poll Results: Compared to 15 Years Ago, What Has Drastically Changed in Your Life Due to Technology

Last month we asked you to think back 15 years and tell us what has drastically changed in your life due to technology. Here is a snapshot of some of your answers!

January Poll Question: Compared to 15 Years Ago, What Has Drastically Changed in Your Life Due to Technology?

We would like to know: compared to 15 years ago, what has drastically changed in your life due to technology.

Seasons Greetings from Devolutions!

After yet another unpredictable year full of achievements and anxieties, triumphs and tribulations, the holidays have finally arrived!

Review of Halo Infinite Multiplayer & A Look at the State of AAA Games

On November 15, 2021, 343 Industries released the free-to-play Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta. To say that the gaming community was excited about this is an understatement.

7 Tips for New IT Grads

If you have just entered (or will soon enter) the booming IT world, then your career path promises to be interesting and exciting! To help you maximize success and minimize setbacks, here are 7 tips t...

[TIPS] How to Renew Your Remote Desktop Manager License for Single Users, Admins, and Not-for-Resale

One of the best things about Remote Desktop Manager licenses is that they are per USER and not per MACHINE. This allows users to install as many versions as they wish — on their work computer, VM, lap...

Spyware: What It Is, What It Does & What to Do About It

In the James Bond franchise, spies are elegant and sophisticated subversives who can climb treacherous mountains, outswim killer sharks, and even defeat enemies with a handy bagpipe flamethrower. But ...

September Poll Results: Which Technology Trend Will Have the Biggest Impact in the Future?

Thirty years ago, if you tried telling the world that in the future people would use this “thing” called the Internet to do everything from buying a home to working at home, they would have looked at ...

September Poll Question: What Technology Trend Will Have the Biggest Impact in the Future?

What do social media, smartphones, wearables, 4G LTE, Big Data Analytics, ridesharing apps, virtual assistants, and streaming have in common? They are all fairly recent technology trends that reshaped...

A Look at Some of 2021’s Biggest Tech Trends

In July, the New York Times published a piece called “How Tech Won the Pandemic and Now May Never Lose”. As the title suggests, the article argued that throughout COVID-19 technology provided the tool...

Microsoft Announces Two Major Product Developments: Windows 365 and Windows 11

If you’re among the 1.3 billion (yes that’s right — BILLION) people around the world who use Windows, then you can look forward to a couple of major product developments: Windows 365 and Windows 11. A...