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[Customer Story] Discover How Wortell Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Increase Efficiency, Visibility, Security & Governance

“We can trust and depend on Devolutions.”
—Adrie Bergwerff, Process Controller, Change, Improve and Inform at Wortell

Client Snapshot: Wortell

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Wortell empowers people and helps organizations stay ahead in their changing business environment by implementing advanced Microsoft technologies, including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Secure Productive Enterprise, Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Sharepoint, and custom-built applications. The company, which has twice been voted the best Microsoft partner in the Netherlands, also implements infrastructure-related products such as Azure IAAS solutions, Azure Stack, and ConfigManager. Wortell also provides cybersecurity solutions such as pen testing. Learn more at

Wortell’s Challenges

Wortell manages more than 100 servers for its growing roster of customers, in addition to approximately 15 physical internal servers and over 200 virtual servers. Previously, the company was facing key challenges related to organizing, managing, accessing, and governing this inventory of machines, including:

  • Excessive number of tools: For every connection (e.g. RDP, SSH, etc.), Wortell needed a different tool.
  • Lack of automation: When accessing customer machines, Wortell had to manually set up a VPN before accessing their environment.
  • Lack of visibility: It was difficult to keep track of each customer’s assets.
  • Operational inefficiency: If a password was changed, then every connection had to be changed as well.

To solve these challenges, Adrie Bergwerff, who is currently a Process Controller in Change, Improve and Inform at Wortell (Adrie previously served as Service Coordinator, and before that as a SharePoint and Infra Consultant), searched the web. He discovered Remote Desktop Manager, and was impressed by the following advantages offered by RDM:

  • Many RDP and SSH connections that Wortell already configured could be imported into Remote Desktop Manager.
  • For new connections, it was easy and efficient for one team member to manage the setup, and then share it with the larger team.
  • It was possible to configure credentials per folder, and this did not have to be done for all of the connections placed under a folder.
  • 80 percent of the VPN plug-ins that Wortell needed to connect to customer machines were already built into Remote Desktop Manager.

Wortell has been using Remote Desktop Manager for 5 years, and continues to enjoy benefits that include:

  • Centralized Solution: Establishing Remote Desktop Manager as a centralized platform to access all external and internal machines. Wortell is no longer obligated to use multiple tools for various connections (e.g., one for SSH, another for RDP, etc.).
  • Greater Visibility: Configuring credentials per folder instead of per connection, which enhances visibility, organization, structure, and standardization.
  • Stronger Security: Exporting connections without credentials, which enhances security hygiene.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automatically launching VPN connections when accessing customer environments, which increases efficiency and streamlines operations.
  • Improved Governance: Generating backups of configurations, which supports business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Comments Adrie Bergwerff, Process Controller, Change, Improve, and Inform at Wortell:

“Remote Desktop Manager makes it easy to create a good and organized breakdown of all a customer’s assets. In addition, the software has regular updates, and a lot of plugins are available. We can trust and depend on Devolutions.”

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