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[CASE STUDY] How ReiseBank AG Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Accessibility

“Remote Desktop Manager has met and surpassed our expectations…our team is saving a significant amount of time each day.”

—Hans Hohenwarter, Central Systems Division Team Leader at ReiseBank AG

Client Snapshot: ReiseBank AG

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, ReiseBank AG is a bank that offers currency, precious metals, and credit card merchant services to other banks and end users. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DZ Bank and part of the cooperative financial group, and it employs about 600 team members. Learn more at

ReiseBank AG’s Challenges

ReiseBank AG’s Central Systems division manages approximately 600 servers. Previously, the IT team faced key challenges that included:

  • Having to keep track of and constantly update multiple tools to manage remote sessions with different protocols.
  • Constantly adjusting to various GUIs, each with its own distinct layout.
  • Not having a secure, centralized repository for all session configurations.

ReiseBank AG’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

To solve these key challenges, the team leader of ReiseBank AG’s Central Systems division, Hans Hohenwarter, searched online for a better remote session management tool. He discovered Remote Desktop Manager and launched a free trial.

Hans was impressed by the easy and fast installation, the large number of supported protocols (e.g., SSH, RDP, and many more), and the overall versatility and functionality. He tested Remote Desktop Manager by launching multiple sessions requiring different protocols and confirmed that everything worked as promised.

ReiseBank AG has been using Remote Desktop Manager for about three years, and it continues to enjoy practical advantages and benefits that include:

  • Improved efficiency: All remote sessions are launched through Remote Desktop Manager, instead of through multiple tools.
  • Greater productivity: Remote Desktop Manager’s GUI has been specifically crafted and refined over the years to maximize productivity and create an optimal user experience.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Authorized team members can securely access and launch nearly 1,000 pre-configured sessions from home offices — which has become especially vital during the pandemic.

Commented Hans Hohenwarter, Team Leader of ReiseBank AG’s Central Systems Division:

“Remote Desktop Manager has met and surpassed our expectations. Our experience has been very positive, and it is clear that Devolutions is very focused on constantly making the product better with new features, functions, and updates. Our team is saving a significant amount of time each day. We are also exploring the best way to evaluate Devolutions Server, and develop a strategy for implementing it for our company.”

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