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Customer Story: HES-SO//Fribourg


This story outlines how the system administrators at the HES-SO//Fribourg (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland // Fribourg) were able to address their password and remote connection management requirements with Devolutions' solutions.

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“Thanks to Devolutions' solutions, we have gained visibility and finesse, among other things, in regards to password and access management.” — Matthieu Giller

Devolutions products aren’t limited to any specific industry, and our interview with the system administrators of the HES-SO//Fribourg (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland // Fribourg) makes the case for that. Find out how our solutions meet diverse remote connection needs in this insightful customer story.

Customer Profile

Located in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland, the HES-SO//Fribourg is a higher education institution that offers quality training in the fields of health, social work, engineering, architecture, and management. The institution welcomes students from all over the world and offers them a stimulating and multicultural learning environment.

Needs and Expectations

Matthieu Giller, an administrator with a decade-long tenure at the HES-SO//Fribourg, shared with us the factors that led his organization to turn to Devolutions' solutions. Initially, he said, they were looking for a solution that was easy to implement, easy to use, and didn't require extensive training. They also needed the solution to be able to efficiently handle passwords for 500–600 VMs.

Why Choose Devolutions?

Many companies, added Giller, had approached them with their password management products, but Devolutions' solutions were vastly superior in a number of ways, including:

  • The user-friendliness of Devolutions Server and PAM;
  • The simplicity of implementing the solutions;
  • The possibility to manage passwords with no prior training;
  • The fact that DVLS and RDM combine to form a comprehensive, accessible whole;
  • The ease of launching remote sessions;
  • The ability to access passwords from one place.

What the Future Holds

The organization, concluded Matthieu, plans to integrate PAM and implement password rotation measures. The HES-SO//Fribourg also plans to implement Devolutions Gateway to replace VPNs. Thanks to this solution, the HES-SO//Fribourg will be able to:

  • Easily implement multi-factor authentication;
  • Grant just-in-time authorized access for our segmented networks;
  • Easily manage temporary access;
  • Generate reports and audits for our sessions.

Devolutions Gateway integrates with RDM and DVLS, simplifying the onboarding process for teams. This benefit is a huge relief to system administrators, who aren’t too keen on enduring endless training meetings.

And finally, the organization plans to equip the administration and the Human Resources department with a password manager.

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