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Case Stusy U&S Services Remote Desktop Manager

[Customer Story] U&S Services Relies on Remote Desktop Manager to Keep Their Data Secure and Up-to-Date

“Remote Desktop Manager’s single pane to connect to almost anything over IP – without bouncing around – has saved me countless hours.”

Client Snapshot: U&S Services, Inc.

U&S Services is a leader in delivering advanced building facility automation systems — such as access controls, intrusion systems, digital video, and HVAC controls — in commercial, industrial, educational, health care, and municipal buildings. The company has more than 25 years of experience, and employs approximately 150 people.

U&S Services’ Challenges

U&S Services’ workforce is supported by an IT team that manages approximately 130 servers and machines. However, the team was frustrated and obstructed by the following key challenges:

  • Forced to Use Multiple Tools: It was necessary to use multiple tools to connect with various endpoints, such as Keeper Security and KeePass for login information, Microsoft RDC for Windows connections, Putty for SSH connections, and RealVNC for Intel AMT connections.
  • On-Site Issues: The tools were cumbersome and in some cases unusable with on-site technicians, with limited internet or LAN access only.
  • Inaccurate Data: Using multiple tools often meant that machine information was out-of-date, which was frustrating and time consuming.
  • Security Risks: Credentials were stored with the connection software instead of in a separate tool, which was a security risk.
U&S Services’ Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

To address these challenges, U&S Services researched various tools and platforms. Senior Systems Engineer Zachary Walton read a synopsis of RDM and explored a few technical forums where IT pros shared their positive experiences with RDM. He concluded that it was the ideal solution for his team and organization going forward.

U&S Services has been using Remote Desktop Manager for approximately 6 months, and continues to enjoy advantages that include:

  • Relying on a streamlined all-in-one solution vs. a complex and confusing mix of multiple tools.
  • Efficiently organizing and accessing data by customers and categories.
  • Keeping login information secure and constantly up-to-date.
  • Effectively auditing usage and changes.
  • Running any type of connection protocol in a single pane.

Comments by Zachary Walton, U&S Services’ Senior Systems Engineer:

“Remote Desktop Manager’s single pane of management for multiple endpoints and other management software, which is easily updatable and synchronized to other employees as new infrastructure is brought online, is worth every penny.”

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