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Schema Networks Case Study Scott Weaver

[Customer Story] Why Schema Networks' Chose Devolutions Password Server as a Solution for Their Password Efficiency Challenges

“I remain impressed that Devolutions had the foresight to make a great backend SQL solution to support this product.”

-Scott Weaver, Schema Networks’ Founder and Partner

Client Snapshot: Schema Networks

Schema Networks is a technology consulting and engineering firm that provides businesses with creative technology solutions and services so they can flourish and operate at peak capacity. The company manages approximately 350 servers and 1,200 machines, and maintains an inventory of around 2,700 individual items and entries.

Schema Networks’ Challenges

With over 15 years of experience, Schema Networks has developed an innovative maintenance model that keeps its clients’ systems up and running at full potential. However, to continue meeting its high performance and quality standards, the company had to overcome key challenges that included:

  • Inefficient password synchronization between team members
  • Manually documenting network setup
  • Difficulty getting some clients to grasp and appreciate the value they were getting
Schema Networks’ Solution: Devolutions Password Server + Remote Desktop Manager

To address these challenges, Schema Networks tried using VisionApp and MRemote. However, neither tool featured a sophisticated and proper backend. That is when they discovered Devolutions Password Server + Remote Desktop Manager, and decided (the minute they discovered it, according to Scott Weaver, Schema Networks’ Founder and Partner) that it was the robust solution they’d been looking for.

Schema Networks has been using Devolutions Password Server + Remote Desktop Manager for 7 years, and the company continues to enjoy many benefits and advantages, including:
  • Substantial ongoing efficiency gains on three levels: not having to input a password a second time; not having to input the name of a server to connect to a second time; and not having to input a web address and login repeatedly.
  • Documenting how a network was put together. For example: host servers are upper case, VM’s residing on the hosts are lower case, and everything is set up in a hierarchy based on location or purpose.
  • Extending RDM to clients, which gives them a clear sense and a good feeling about the hard work the company has put into their network.
  • The “eye opening” ability to store all of your info about managed networks in a single location.
  • Using RDM’s “life saving” mobile app for Android and iOS to RDP into a server from a smartphone, automatically through an RD Gateway.

Comments Scott Weaver, Schema Networks’ Founder and Partner:

“Devolutions helps make our work real to our clients and not just a rack full of gear. It conveys the management aspect of what we put into RDM – software vendors, passwords, purchases, and various other forms of documentation. It’s a great value add, and has helped us retain clients over the years, as well as add new clients. For example, we won a contract recently for more than 250 users and over 170 servers for a client running a complex backend for a web-based product they sell. Without Devolutions Password Server and RDM, in my opinion we wouldn’t have won the contract.”

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