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Sysadminotaur #137: Ugly Sweaters

Here are the Worst Passwords of 2023 (It’s Even Worse Than You Think)

A recent study by NordPass and cybersecurity researchers revealed that the most popular passwords of 2023 are alarmingly weak.

Devolutions Hub: The Credential Manager of Choice for IT Professionals

Devolutions Hub is a secure cloud-based IT credential manager that pairs well with Remote Desktop Manager to create the ideal solution for managing credentials.

Update to RDM 2023.2.34 (or Later) Per New Validation Certificate

Starting January 2024, Remote Desktop Manager’s software installers and updates for Windows OS will be signed with a new extended validation certificate issued by GlobalSign.

December Poll Question: What’s On Your Devolutions “Wish List” for 2024?

This December, Devolutions is polling users to find out what new products, features, and improvements they want to see delivered in 2024.

Introducing Lansweeper in Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager's latest integration with Lansweeper offers seamless discovery and management of IT assets, enhancing audit and compliance capabilities.

Our Latest Webinar Recording is Now Available!

Our latest webinar “Tackling IT Security in Small Businesses: Mitigating Risks with Devolutions” is now available on the Devolutions YouTube channel.

Delinea Secret Server Single Sign-On (SSO) is Now Supported in Remote Desktop Manager!

As of version 2023.3.24.0, Remote Desktop Manager now supports Delinea Secret Server SSO.

What to Buy on Black Friday & Cyber Monday: InfoSec Geek Edition

Devolutions' security teams offer specialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping advice for InfoSec specialists, highlighting essential security-related products and services.

The State of IT Security in SMBs in 2023–2024

Devolutions invited executives and decision-makers from SMBs worldwide to share their experiences related to IT security and cybersecurity in 2023.

The Devolutions Team is Heading to Black Hat Europe 2023!

The Devolutions Team is thrilled to announce its debut at Black Hat Europe 2023 in London.

Sysadminotaur #136: POW3R_US3R_78 Strikes Back

October Poll Result: What is Your Favorite RDM Integration?

Our poll results reveal the top Remote Desktop Manager integrations voted for in the October poll, as well as the lucky winners of our Amazon gift card giveaway!

New Webinar: Tackling IT Security in Small Business: Mitigating Risk with Devolutions

Devolutions announces that it will be hosting a webinar on November 22 specifically designed for small businesses facing unique IT security challenges.

New Name, Familiar Experience, Better Solution: Meet Workspace Browser Extension

Devolutions has consolidated its Workspace and Devolutions Web Login tools into a single streamlined entity known as Devolutions Workspace.

What's New in Devolutions Server 2023.3

Discover the latest advancements in the Devolutions Server 2023.3 release, which delivers many user-requested features and updates to the Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

What’s New in Remote Desktop Manager 2023.3

Remote Desktop Manager v2023.3 features many additions and enhancements. In this article, we look closer at some of the most exciting changes.

Meet Us at the Cybersecurity Summit in NYC on Nov. 17

Join Devolutions at the upcoming Cybersecurity Summit in NYC on November 17, where VP Maurice Côté will share his expertise on a panel discussing data privacy and identity protection.

Securing a Microsoft Teams Administrator with PAM in Devolutions Server

In this article you will learn how to leverage the PAM module in Devolutions Server to secure the Teams Administrator role in MS Teams.

What’s New in Devolutions Hub Business 2023.3

Devolutions Hub Business 2023.3 features several major additions and enhancements. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most exciting updates.