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Sysadminotaur #128A: ITSec

Sysadminotaur #128: Least Privilege

Securing the Slack Primary Owner in Devolutions Server PAM

Devolutions Server Privileged Access Management (PAM) offers the perfect solution for securing a Slack Primary Owner account.

From Ally to Enemy: Are We Ready for Offensive AI?

AI holds immense possibilities for formidable security solutions — and for malicious activities. To protect ourselves, we must bolster our core cybersecurity pillars with defensive AI.

Spotlighting Pioneering Women in IT to Mark International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we are paying tribute to the many pioneering women in IT who have made lasting contributions to the industry.

March Poll Question: Are You Using a PAM Solution?

This month, Devolutions wants to know: is your organization using a PAM solution?

February Poll Results: What Do You Want to See in This Year’s Survey?

Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to find out what they want to see in this year’s survey. In this article, we analyze the results and reveal the poll winners.

Latest Reddit Hack Highlights the Importance of End User Training

Reddit recently made headlines after it became the victim of a spear-phishing attack on February 5, 2023. What about this hack caught Devolutions' attention? The actions of a particular end user.

Devolutions Hub Business: Security First from Day One

This article explores how Devolutions Hub Business was designed with high security standards to ensure that customer data remains secure.

Sysadminotaur #127: Background Check

RDM on Windows ARM: A Story of Power Efficiency and Speed

Starting in Windows RDM version 2022.3.14.0, ARM is an officially supported architecture. Discover the history of Windows on ARM, why RDM on ARM is important, and the future of ARM computing!

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day: GEEK EDITION

Devolutions' geeks have some unique ideas for celebrating the sweetest day of the year! In this article, we've collected their geekiest tips, tricks, and traditions for showing love in a special way.

Devolutions 2023 Roadmap

Devolutions' annual roadmap outlines our plan for continued industry leadership and innovation in our products during the calendar year. In this article, we reveal our ambitious roadmap for 2023.

Do You Need ONLY a Password Manager? (Hint: Probably Not!)

Before purchasing a password management solution for your organization, it's crucial to ask a fundamental question: do you need ONLY a password manager? Surprisingly, the answer is likely to be no!

February Poll: What Do You Want to See in This Year’s Survey?

This month, Devolutions wants to know: what do you want to see and learn in this year’s survey?

January Poll Results: What’s On Your Devolutions’ Wish List This Year?

Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to find out what products, content, and activities they want from us this year. In this article, we analyze the results and reveal the poll winners.

Devolutions’ Event Calendar: First Look at 2023's Events

Each year, Devolutions participates in over a dozen events locally in Quebec, across America, and even overseas in Europe. In this article, we list the first few events we’ll be attending this year.

Goodbye Sub Connections, Hello (Much Better) Sub Entries in RDM!

Starting in RDM 2022.3, we have replaced sub connections with sub entries. Discover why we made this change, and why it’s a significant improvement.

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2023

Gartner has published its 2023 edition of the top strategic trends, which are grouped into three categories: optimizing IT systems, scaling technology, and pioneering efforts.

Turkish Edition of Remote Desktop Manager Now Available!

Thanks to our Translation Team, a group of users who voluntarily translate our tools, RDM is now available in Turkish!