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Hello World! My name is Yann, and as a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am the unofficial YouTuber here at Devolutions. I work with the amazing marketing team, where we get to have a blast sharing our company's story as well as the solutions we offer. When I’m not at my desk, you can probably find me either making a coffee or filming a YouTube video in the Devolutions studio. As always, feel free to send me an e-mail at or drop a comment below, and don't forget to check out our YouTube channel ( and hit that Subscribe button!

Explore top new features in RDM, Hub, and DVLS 2024.1


Discover the game-changing enhancements in the 2024.1 releases of Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Hub, and Devolutions Server in our latest YouTube video.

It has been said that a pillar of good communication is “show, don’t tell.” Well, we’ve taken this advice to heart by creating a new video that dives into the top new features in the latest 2024.1 releases of Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Hub, and Devolutions Server!

Here’s a summary of what’s covered in the video across each product:

Remote Desktop Manager

  • CyberArk data source (preview): This new type of data source makes it much easier and faster to use CyberArk for connecting to endpoints and retrieving secrets.
  • New Script Dashboard: This is a great addition for IT teams that want to execute scripts quickly and easily, and who often use scripts with variables that do not have a direct link with an entry (e.g., running a script to create users in AD).
  • Terminal command palette: This new interface makes it easier to run and select scripts/snippets directly inside your terminal connections.

Devolutions Hub

  • Improved Gateway installation and management: We have made significant enhancements to our secure remote network access relay Devolutions Gateway, including an upgraded installer for simplified configuration, direct Gateway configuration updates, UX and UI improvements, and more streamlined troubleshooting.
  • New single sign-on (SSO) self-hosted encryption service: This enables seamless onboarding across multiple devices by providing users with the Hub encryption key. Say goodbye to sending individual invitations to users from your SSO provider!

Devolutions Server

  • Reintroducing Devolutions Server Free: Starting in the 2024.1 release, organizations can now onboard up to 10 Devolutions Server users for free! Previously the limit was 3 free users.
  • Web-based Active Directory dashboard: This web-based dashboard not only provides you with a simple and easy way to access your AD users and groups, but also offers a sleek and simple interface with features that aren’t available in your Active Directory itself.

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Many of the additions and improvements we've made across our 2024.1 product releases are the result of feedback from our global user community. Please continue telling us what you think. We are always listening to you, and working hard to help you streamline and secure your remote access and password management infrastructure.

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