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Re-introducing Devolutions Server Free


Devolutions now offers Devolutions Server (DVLS) for free to up to 10 users. This updated tier includes Azure Active Directory and single sign-on (SSO) support, among other enhanced features, demonstrating Devolutions' commitment to democratizing productivity and security tools in the IT sphere.

We at Devolutions believe in showing, not telling, the power of our products. Offering Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) for free has helped thousands of individuals better secure their environments and organizations. Devolutions Server (DVLS) is no different.

To prove to our customers that we can deliver both productivity and security, the foundation of all our products, we now offer DVLS with practically no limitations. By enabling Azure Active Directory and single sign-on (SSO) support in our free tier — uncommon in comparable offerings — we are confident that once you use DVLS, you will want to partner with us.

Until now, we have offered DVLS free for up to three users. We felt that wasn't enough. As of the 2024.1 release, take advantage of DVLS for up to 10 users with a streamlined licensing process to get you up and running quickly. With this change, DVLS offers a stronger security posture than a Microsoft SQL Server data source, and we want to help you migrate.

Devolutions Server, even free-er?

Three isn’t enough — not for expanding organizations. If you need more than the 10 free users, great! Contact Sales, and we will find the right license for you.

Devolutions Server Free isn’t a watered down edition either. You get a ton of great features:

  • Self-hosted shared password vault Store credentials, sessions, and informational entries across multiple vaults. Track entry history, attach documents, and receive notifications on events.

  • Secure credential injection and connection launching Keep passwords away from prying eyes by injecting credentials into sessions without users seeing a single password. Launch connections via the Devolutions Server (with an RDM Team license) web interface or from Remote Desktop Manager itself.

  • Active Directory and Office 365 integration With Active Directory or Azure Entra ID integration, sync your users and groups to manage access. Use account auto-provisioning to allow access via a specified user group.

  • Role-based access control system Limit entry access to only those who need it. Create user groups to ease management of vault and entry access.

  • Detailed access and audit reports Stay on top of changes and operations with in-depth access and audit logs. Satisfy auditors and administrators alike with comprehensive reports.

  • Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) Team Edition integration Paired with RDM, the advanced data source provided by Devolutions Server brings all of these powerful features right into RDM itself. Increase efficiency through seamless remote management with RDM and DVLS.

Need more?

For growing organizations, or those with more complex environments, we have even more features with our budget-friendly paid version:

  • Okta and PingOne Directory support Don’t be limited by Active Directory: use Okta or PingOne to provide directory services and user access.

  • Flexible Devolutions Gateway just-in-time access Install Devolutions Gateway (free to use for up to five concurrent sessions) anywhere you need to open a connection to a segmented network with authorized just-in-time access. Keep valuable servers off the Internet with a performant and secure Gateway connection, fully integrated into DVLS and RDM.

  • Multiple Active Directory domain support With complex AD environments, you need support for multiple domains. Support multi-domain authentication and ensure your users can access exactly what they need.

  • Privileged Access Management module Take control of your privileged credentials by taking advantage of approvals and account checkouts offered by seamless integration with DVLS and RDM. Don’t let your privileged credentials fall into the wrong hands — take positive control through PAM and DVLS.

Diving right in

Enough talking — how do you get started? With 2024.1, we have made the process even easier.

  1. Install DVLS.
  2. On the first launch of the web portal, click the DVLS Free button on the license page.
  3. Start using DVLS immediately.

Seeing the process in action makes it seem even easier; watch the video below:

Remote Desktop Manager MS SQL users? Migrate to DVLS!

You may not have noticed, but in 2023.3 we made it even easier to migrate your entire RDM Microsoft SQL Server data source to DVLS: no more importing and exporting! Managing RDM teams in MS SQL can be hard, and we believe that DVLS offers a far better solution. But, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the move. See how, in this short video:

Helping secure individuals and organizations with DVLS Free

Devolutions is on a mission to help the smallest to largest organizations grow. With the Devolutions toolbox, support simple and complex needs, without losing efficiency in operations. Feature-rich, and now available for free to even more users, DVLS leads the way in changing the way organizations approach IT. Combined with RDM and Gateway, DVLS ensures that every connection is secure, tracked, and productive!

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