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Recap of Devolutions Central 2024 + videos


Devolutions Central 2024 showcased the growth and advancements in our IT solutions through engaging presentations, which are now accessible on our YouTube channel.

Devolutions Central 2024 took place on March 13. This was our fifth Devolutions Central event, and it was a big success! Below, we look at some of the numbers. We also recap each part, and provide videos that are now available on our YouTube channel.

Devolutions Central 2024: By the numbers

  • 291: the number of professionals from around the world who registered for the event.
  • 146: the number of messages that attendees sent during the event.
  • 9.4: the aggregate rating from attendees on a scale of 1–10 on whether they thought the event was a success.

We greatly appreciate the level of attendance, engagement, and feedback!

Watch the full event

If you’d like to watch the full broadcast of Devolutions Central 2024 (all 6 parts including Q&A session), please click below.

Recap of parts 1–6

Part 1: Introduction and welcome

The event kicked off with an introduction and welcome from two of Devolutions’ longest-serving team members: our CEO and founder, David, and our Chief Revenue Officer, Max. The key theme they focused on was “expansion”:

  • Expanding the size of our campus through a major building project.
  • Expanding the size of our workforce.
  • Expanding our roster of solutions and companion products for SMBs.

David and Max also discussed how most of our users start their journey with Remote Desktop Manager, and then expand their infrastructure by adding other Devolutions products such as Hub Business for password management, or Devolutions Server for privileged access management (PAM) and secure gateway access. Check it out below:

Part 2: The Devolutions PAM platform: Productivity at its best

In part 2, Maurice, our VP Product, and François, our Product Manager for Devolutions Server, explored the dynamics of PAM in Devolutions Server and our other products. Maurice and François also discussed how we are greatly enhancing user productivity by unifying our PAM solutions into a single new product. Check it out below:

Part 3: Devolutions Hub: Powerful password management for IT pros

In part 3, Maxime, our Product Manager for Devolutions Hub, discussed Hub's latest version (2024.1) and demonstrated some of the key enhancements including the revamped look and feel of the web interface, the new self-hosted service, and more. Check it out below:

Part 4: Remote Desktop Manager: The ultimate IT toolbox for your daily workflow

In part 4, Marc, our Subject Matter Expert, dove into the latest version of Remote Desktop Manager (2024.1) and highlighted some of the most exciting upgrades, including the new terminal command palette, the new script dashboard (which many users are thrilled about!), AD sync and SSH key improvements, and more. Check it out below:

Part 5:  Devolutions Gateway: Securing access to network resources with speed

In part 5, our Chief Technology Officer, Marc-André, looked at the architecture and design of Devolutions Gateway, which provides authorized just-in-time access to resources in segmented networks. Marc-André also highlighted our new Devolutions Gateway standalone product, and explained the use cases for choosing this option vs. the “full package” with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server, and Devolutions Hub. Check it out below:

Part 6: Roundtable Q+A

In part 6, our panel of experts — David, Max, Marc-André, and Maurice — took questions from attendees. This interaction is always one of the most interesting aspects of Devolutions Central, and this year’s version was one of the best ever! There was a great mix of questions about our products and strategy, including:

  • How well does Devotions Gateway scale, and would it work for approximately 40,000 concurrent users?
  • Is it possible to deploy the Devolutions Gateway standalone in a container, and is a Linux version available?
  • Is it still necessary to get a separate Devolutions Gateway license in order to run it on a different OS?
  • Is it possible to restrict RDP access in the Remote Desktop Manager environment?
  • Which providers are Devolutions planning on supporting natively in 2024?
  • Will Devolutions be offering any formal training and certification roadmap for the upcoming year?
  • What are Devolutions’ key targets and focus in 2024?
  • What are the main differentiators between what Devolutions offers vs. what is also available in the market?

These are just some of the many interesting questions that our panel received. Check it out below:

Looking ahead

Our team had a GREAT time at Devolutions Central 2024! We thank everyone who attended, as well as those who will experience the event on-demand now that videos are available. Please share your feedback below.

And since many of you have already asked: YES, we are already starting to plan for Devolutions Central 2025! We will share details later on in the year as we put the agenda in place. Stay tuned!

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