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Secure remote connections with Devolutions Gateway Standalone Free


Devolutions Gateway Standalone introduces a secure, VPN-less, web-based interface for connecting remotely to internal servers. Connect via multiple protocols in a free, user-friendly way to explore Gateway's powerful functionality.

We’re enthusiastic about all the use cases that Devolutions Gateway unlocks, especially since we worked hard to make these use cases (and the product overall) easier to understand. Devolutions Gateway Standalone offers a self-contained web interface for external connections to your Gateway-relayed internal servers. In developing this free feature, our aims were twofold: showcase the power of Devolutions Gateway and offer our clients a way to explore its use cases.

Are you using Apache Guacamole? If so, then you’re probably used to accessing your connections through the web, and now you can do the same with Devolutions Gateway Standalone! And don’t forget, if you are using Devolutions Server or Devolutions Hub and Gateway, you have had web-based access for some time. Read on to learn how Gateway can help you replace Apache Guacamole and make secure external remoting much easier!

A new and shiny Devolutions Gateway web interface

So, what does Devolutions Gateway offer? When you install the standalone version, you gain a web interface, optional simple username/password protection, and a convenient way to connect to your servers via RDP, SSH, Telnet, or ARD from the web without exposing your internal servers to the Internet.

Free for anyone to use, once installed, Gateway will give you a clean and easy-to-use web interface. You’ll also get:

  • Multi-protocol support for RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, and ARD
  • Support for KDC servers to support Kerberos over RDP
  • Quick access to internal services through a free-tier ngrok tunnel


Better together: RDM + Devolutions Server + Devolutions Gateway

We are proud of how Devolutions Gateway Standalone came together, proving that easy, secure, and performant VPN-less remote connections are possible. But Devolutions Gateway works even better when paired with Remote Desktop Manager and Devolutions Server. With this fully integrated version of Devolutions Gateway, you get the following great features:

  • Require Devolutions Gateway connection
    Keep every connection secure and performant by forcing RDM users to connect through Devolutions Gateway.

  • Launch web-based sessions
    In DVLS and Hub, open RDP and SSH sessions right from the web interface (with more protocols coming soon!).

  • In-depth connection reporting
    Track active and closed connections through audit logs and view active open sessions.

  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
    Implement RBAC, backed by DVLS or Hub, to restrict access to connections to only those who need them.

Give Standalone a try!

Download and check out Devolutions Gateway Standalone today, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or reach out to our sales team to learn how you can integrate Devolutions Gateway with your Devolutions products!

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