Laurence Cadieux

Laurence Cadieux

Hello! My name is Laurence Cadieux, and I’m a Communication Coordinnator here at Devolutions. My role includes overseeing the content strategy and development of our blog, managing the content and communication for our VIP advocate platform “Devolutions Force,” and working closely with our PR partners around the world. I also handle our off-site content opportunities (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.). Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I sing in a band, and I enjoy watching my favorite movies again and again. I also love cooking, and during the pandemic, I became a bread expert — I can now bake the most amazing key lime pie on earth (if I do say so myself!). Plus, I recently discovered LEGO and there is no turning back — I’m hooked! I’m always happy to help, and you can reach me directly at

Devolutions 2022 Year in Review: Part 1

2022 was a year full of fun and progress at Devolutions. This article revisits the major highlights of the first half of the year, from our roadmap reveal in January to our winning ...

November Poll Results: Managed Service Providers, What are Your Top 3 Features in a Remote Monitoring and Management Solution?

What counts as an “effective” RMM solution for an MSP? To find out, we asked MSPs in our November poll to list their top 3 features in a RMM solution.

Diving Into the Survey: Remote Access Management in SMBs + Recommendations

In the Devolutions’ State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-23 survey, we asked executives and decision-makers in SMBs worldwide to describe how they are managing remote access.

Diving Into the Survey: IT Security Awareness in SMBs + Recommendations

Despite the significant and ongoing threat posed by hackers, end users will always be the weakest link in the IT security chain. In the Devolutions’ State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-23 survey...

Privileged Access Management in SMBs + Recommendations

We asked executives and decision-makers in SMBs to share how they are approaching, handling, and experiencing privileged access management (PAM) in their companies...

November Poll Question: Managed Service Providers, What are Your Top 3 Features in a Remote Monitoring and Management Solution?

Devolutions is canvassing MSPs in its community to discover what MSPs really need in an RMM solution in order to succeed.

Devolutions Central 2022 is Happening on December 7!

Devolutions Central is returning this year with the same energy and enthusiasm as previous years, but with a few changes.

Cybersecurity Threats in SMBs + Best Practices on 5 Principles & Policies

Today, we continue this important discussion by highlighting five principles and policies that help SMBs significantly reduce cybersecurity risks, while increasing visibility, governance, and control.

New Videos Added to RDM Pro Tips Series!

The Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips video series has become very popular. Below, we recap 8 informative videos that we have added since the initial launch

[DIVING INTO THE SURVEY] Cybersecurity Threats in SMBs + Recommendations

In this article, we focus on what SMBs can do to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats rather than take a wait-and-see approach, or assume that they are “too small to be attacked.”

[NEWS] Meet Us at it-sa Expo & Congress in Nuremberg Oct. 25-27, 2022

Guten Tag! We are pleased to announce that the Devolutions Team will be exhibiting at it-sa Expo & Congress, which will take place at the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany from October 25-27, 2022.

[NOW AVAILABLE] The Devolutions’ State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-23 Survey Report is Here!

We are thrilled to announce that the Devolutions’ State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-23 Survey report is now available! Click here to download it now [PDF].

The State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-2023: It’s Not as Bad as You Think

This is the third consecutive year that we have invited IT decision-makers in SMBs around the world to share their concerns, challenges, technologies, and tools related to multiple areas of IT security.

October Poll Question – Special Cybersecurity Month Edition: What is Your BEST Cybersecurity Advice?

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month...

September Poll Results: What Courses/Certifications Do You Plan on Obtaining in the Next Year?

To get a sense of just how wise the garden is, last month we asked you: What courses/certifications do you plan on obtaining in the new year?

[SURVEY INSIGHTS]: 4 Types of Remote Working Challenges that a Remote Access Tool Must Address

Remote work (in one form or another) is here to stay and will become even more prevalent in the years ahead.

[NEW] IT Security Glossary of Terms

One of the signature characteristics of the IT landscape is the sheer volume of unique terms that are used on a regular basis. Indeed, to outsiders it can seem like IT pros are speaking a completely...

5 Reasons Why Hackers Target SMBs

The mantra for many hackers these days isn’t “go big or go home.” Instead, it’s “good things come in small packages” — because they are setting their sights on small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

August Poll Results: For Software & Apps, Are You Team Light Mode or Team Dark Mode?

August’s poll question asked: when it comes to software and apps, are you Team Light Mode or Team Dark Mode? As we had hoped, there were MANY responses.

[New Feature Spotlight] How to Request and Approve/Deny Temporary Access in Password Hub Business

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at both sides of the equation: requesting Temporary Access to an entry, and approving/denying a request for Temporary Access.