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New Videos Added to RDM Pro Tips Series!

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About a year ago, we launched the Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips video series on our YouTube Channel. In these videos, our talented Digital Marketing Specialist and Devolutions’ HQ co-host Yann provides clear step-by-step tutorials on features and functions to get the most out of Remote Desktop Manager.

The videos are ideal for those who are brand new to Remote Desktop Manager (or who are thinking about getting it and want to see what’s in store), as well as for experienced users who want to discover valuable new tips and tricks.

The Remote Desktop Manager Pro Tips video series has become very popular, and we have received many requests for topics/themes to cover. As we like to say around here: your wish is our command! Below, we recap 8 informative videos that we have added since the initial launch:

  • Quickly Export Entries from One Data Source to Another

Learn how to easily move specific entries or folders between data sources (only the data source configuration is exported — not the database content!).

  • Use Website Credentials from your Vault in your Favorite Web Browser

Learn how to configure Devolutions Web Login so that your web browser automatically retrieves login credentials from your secure vault, and inserts them into various websites.

  • Declutter Your RDM Interface by Using the Tab Strip Overflow Option

Learn how to use the handy built-in Tab Strip Overflow option, which tells RDM to neatly store open sessions in a drop-down menu when the main ribbon is at full capacity.

  • Automatically Launch a Remote Session Through a VPN

Learn how to create a VPN session and associate it with a remote session, so that with a double-click it automatically inserts your credentials and prompts you with a 2FA verification. This is part 1 of a 3-part series.

  • Launching Multiple Sessions Using Inherited VPN Properties

Learn how to open multiple sessions using inherited VPN properties. This is part 2 of a 3-part series.

  • Using VPN Groups to Facilitate Launching Multiple Remote Sessions

Learn about the capabilities that are available in VPNs, and how to get everything running smoothly so that RDM becomes the most adaptable and functional tool in your arsenal. This is part 3 of a 3-part series.

  • Send Commands to Multiple Servers using SSH Broadcast Actions

Learn how to send specific commands to multiple servers using SSH, so you can automate a wide variety of common and repeatable tasks.

  • Easily Elevate Permissions with RDM's Temporary Access Feature

Learn how to drive security and compliance in your organization with RDM’s Temporary Access feature.

  • Enhancing RDM's Temporary Access Feature with Password Hub

Learn how to take the Temporary Access feature to the next level by activating it in Password Hub Business.

Send Us Your Feedback

Are there features and functions in Remote Desktop Manager that you want us to explore in an upcoming video? Or maybe you have a use case or issue that you want us to cover? Then we want to hear from you!

Please share your feedback by commenting below. Yann and the crew are in the process of developing the next batch of videos in the Pro Tips series. Perhaps your suggestion will be on the roster!

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