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Max Trottier

Max Trottier

Maxime has extensive experience in product management, communication and advertising, and has spent the last several years helping renowned organizations bring their high-end solutions to customers worldwide. As Director of Marketing, Maxime leads Devolutions’ international market research and development efforts, along with customer relations and overall business development. He’s driven to bring innovative and cutting-edge solutions to Devolutions’ customers around the globe. Maxime earned his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, and regularly attends sales and marketing workshops to increase his knowledge and expertise.

Devolutions’ Culture & Community: Our Vision for the Year Ahead

Devolutions’ Culture & Community: Our Vision for the Year Ahead

We're launching a new Devolutions tradition, think of it like a Roadmap for our culture and community instead of our products and services. And so, without further delay, let’s jump right in!


Devolutions 2020 Year in Review: Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at January – June here at Devolutions. Today, we’ll continue with a look at July – December. July In July, we focused on security by highlighting how to enable 2FA on your Devolu...


Devolutions 2020 Year in Review: Part 1

Wow, what a year 2020 has been! In some ways, it seemed to go on and on for a really long time. But in other ways, it felt like it just flew by. We all experienced a great deal of uncertainty in 2020,...


Devolutions 2019 Year in Review Part 2

Yesterday, we began our look back at some of the most notable and fun things that happened at Devolutions in 2019 from January-June. Today, we’ll continue our review with a focus on July-December. Ju...


Devolutions 2019 Year in Review Part 1

Here at Devolutions, we have some special traditions. For example, at the beginning of the year our CEO David shares a Roadmap for the year ahead (and he’ll be publishing the 2020 version in February)...

Exploring PAM SMBs Russell Smith petri

Exploring PAM for SMBs

In this whitepaper, Devolutions explores the unique problems facing SMBs in securing privileged access. IT professionals connect to remote systems to perform management tasks and often require adminis...

Cyber Security Quick Wins

5 Cybersecurity Quick Wins

One of the defining features of cybersecurity is that it is an ongoing (read: endless) commitment vs. a one-time event. Despite this, many IT security professionals are under extreme pressure to produ...

RDM Agent - Devolutions

RDM Agent

Do you ever need to run a PowerShell script on multiple machines? Say an upgrade script? RDM Agent is the tool for the job. First open an RDP connection to all the machines you want to execute the scr...

June Poll for Devolutions

June Poll: Do you use nested RDP sessions?

Hello everyone, If you’re familiar with RDP you are already well aware that back in 2012, Microsoft with Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0, improved the compression algorithms, codecs and network protocols ...

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