Jean-François Dagenais

Jean-François Dagenais

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT world as a support technician, IT Consultant, and manager, I am here to share with people all my knowledge so that they can go further in their day to day job. I have worked many years in the banking industry, so security and customer service are really important to me. Now, as a Director, my role is to help people leverage their skills so that they can help our customers use our products efficiently without any pains or concerns.

7 Best Practices: Remote Desktop Management for Superior Support

In this blog article, Jeff, a member of Devolutions' Technical Support Team, shares his advice for delivering exceptional support.

Installing Applications Remotly with Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Installing applications remotely right from Remote Desktop Manager

Hello RDMers, In our modern world, everything needs to go fast: cars, cellphones and of course computers. What a waste of time when you have to wait a couple of minutes just for 2 toasts for breakfast...

Manage credentials with Remote Desktop Manager

Lots of sessions to manage = Lots of credentials to manage

Hey everyone, For those of you who have tons of sessions to manage, you know that it usually results in a lot of credentials to manage as well. If you are allowed to reuse credentials for multiple dev...

Devolutions Session Credentials

Use Session Credentials to run tools, it’s probably your best bet!

Hello everyone, Many of you have discovered our Macros/Scripts/Tools and are probably writing scripts once and reusing them against multiple hosts when using Remote Desktop Manager. By default, the ...