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7 Reasons Why Nobody — Not Even IT Pros — Should Click on Suspicious Links

IT pros repeatedly tell end users never to click on suspicious links. And this is a warning that should always be heeded!

[NEW] Password Hub Business 2022.2 Now Available

We are happy to announce that right on target per David’s Devolutions 2022 Roadmap, Password Hub Business 2022.2 is now available.

[BREAKING NEWS] Devolutions Wins Cyber Defense Magazine’s Global Infosec Award for “Editor’s Choice — Privileged Access Management ”

We are thrilled to share that our leadership commitment and efforts have been recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine, which named Devolutions the 2022 winner of ...

Sysadminotaur #119: Iterativemental

7 Terrible Products That Never Should Have Existed

The wheel. The printing press. The telephone. The light bulb. The internet. BEER! These are just some of the profound products throughout history that have transformed and enriched the world...

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Use a Linux Server Database Backend with Remote Desktop Manager

Starting with version 2022.1.11.0, Remote Desktop Manager no longer supports MySQL or Maria DB as a data source.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Improve Security by Integrating Devolutions Server & Devolutions Password Hub with PowerShell Secret Management

In many organizations, credentials in PowerShell scripts are stored as plaintext. This practice weakens security and expands the attack surface area...

Copy/Paste in and out of embedded RDP sessions for RDM Mac

RDP has built-in clipboard support, allowing you to copy and paste between your local session and the remote system exactly as if you were using it locally...

June Geek Pride Day Poll Question: What’s Your Ideal Harry Potter-esque “Signature Spell” at Work?

May 25 is a sacred day on the Geekian Calendar: Geek Pride Day! This annual event launched in Spain in 2006, and has since become an international occasion to celebrate ...

Google Offering Free Tech Training + The Top IT Certifications in 2022 for Experienced & New IT Pros

Effective May 2, 2022 and until December 24, 2024, businesses in the U.S. can apply for up to 500 scholarships for Google Career Certificates, which provide training in five areas.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Increase Productivity by Automating Remote Desktop Manager Client Deployment & Other Administrative Tasks

Discover how SysAdmins can enable their organization to; Increase Productivity and Efficiency, Ensure Compliance and Consistency, and much more in this new use case!

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[NEW] Remote Desktop Manager for Linux Now Available on Flathub

We are pleased to announce that Remote Desktop Manager for Linux is now available on Flathub!

Q&A with Devolutions’ VP of Business Solutions Maurice Cote on Our Vision for MSP Expo 2022

Here's our chat with Maurice, VP of Business Solutions, to learn more about the vision for MSP Expo 2022.

[NOW AVAILABLE] Devolutions State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-2023 Survey

We are pleased to announce that the Devolutions State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-2023 Survey is now available!

World Password Day 2022: Things Are Getting Better…and Worse!

As we mark the ninth annual World Password Day in 2022, we ask: are organizations and their end-users getting better at password management, or are they getting worse?

The Complete Star Wars Timeline

To mark May the Fourth this year, we're pleased to share this Star Wars timeline with some information about upcoming projects in the series!

May Poll Question: What Use Cases Do You Want Us to Focus On?

May’s poll question: What use cases do you want us to focus on?

April Poll Results: What Do You Want Us to Cover in Our Webinar Series?

Last month, we asked you to tell us what you want us to cover in our webinar series. We plan on turning some of your ideas into webinars!

[NEWS] The Devolutions State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022-2023 Is On the Way

Devolutions State of IT Security Survey in 2022-23 is currently in the final stages, and will be ready to launch in the next few weeks!