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Sysadminotaur #121: Redundancy

To celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day this year, we asked you to tap into your “inner Patrick” and add the text for two panels of a special comic strip.

A Snapshot of Life at Devolutions 2022

Family members, friends, and especially new team members often ask me “what is a usual day at Devolutions like?” I’m going to do my best to provide a snapshot of life here at Devolutions.

7 Smart Home Security Risks that Could Be Living Rent-Free in Your Home

If you have a smart home, then there is a chance that you are in fact allowing several security risks to live rent-free in your home.

August Poll Question: For Software & Apps, Are You Team Light Mode or Team Dark Mode?

For the August poll, we want to know: for software and apps, are you team light mode or team dark mode?

July Poll Results: Who is Responsible for Cybersecurity in Your Company?

Who is responsible for cybersecurity in your company? Our goal with this question is to get a better understanding of the job title/role for the individual (or team) that is tasked with developing ...

SysAdmin Appreciation Day Fun: YOU Write the Comic!

To celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day, Patrick, our artist-in-residence extraordinaire and creator of Sysadminotaur, has created a special comic… but with a twist:

[NEW WHITE PAPER] Cybersecurity vs. IT Security – Taking Responsibility for Organizational Information Security

Devolutions has teamed up with Petri to produce a new white paper entitled “Cybersecurity vs. IT Security: Taking Responsibility for Organizational Information Security.”

20 Shocking Cybercrime Statistics - 2022 Edition

We keep hearing that the cybercrime landscape is getting worse. But just how bad have things become? We scoured a variety of sources to reveal the terrifying reality of cybercrime in 2022.

[NEW] Devolutions Workspace 2022.2 is Now Available

While the temperature is soaring outside, we are hard at work improving our roster of solutions. And the latest product to get a major update is also our newest: Devolutions Workspace 2022.2.

[NEW] Devolutions Server 2022.2 Now Available

Today, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on the next great update version: say hello to Devolutions Server 2022.2!

Sysadminotaur #120: Bias

NEW Remote Desktop Manager 2022.2 is Now Available

Thanks to the hard work of our skilled Development Team, I am delighted to announce that version 2022.2 is now available.

Recap of MSP Expo with Devolutions VP of Business Solutions Maurice Cote

Devolutions was a “Silver Sponsor” of the MSP Expo 2022, and our team was headed by Maurice Cote, our VP of Business Solutions. I recently met with Maurice to learn about his experiences at the summit.

July Poll Question: Who is Responsible for Cybersecurity in Your Company?

Given the critical importance of having a strong cybersecurity profile, we would like to know: who is responsible for cybersecurity in your company?

June Poll Results: What’s Your Ideal Harry Potter-esque “Signature Spell” at Work?

Last month to mark Geek Pride Day, we asked you to swap your car for a Nimbus 2000 and tell us what your ideal Harry Potter-esque “signature spell” is at work. The Winners Are…

How to Export and Regenerate Encryption Keys in Devolutions Server

In this article, we take a closer look at how to export and regenerate encryption keys in Devolutions Server.

IT Pros - 5 Reasons to Help You Convince Your Boss to Invest in Strong IT Security

Every IT pro knows that strong IT security is absolutely, categorically, and unquestionably essential.

[Breaking News] Remote Desktop Manager Earns G2's Leader, High Performer, and Leader Europe Badges

Today, we are proud and grateful to share some more good news: Remote Desktop Manager has achieved G2’s Leader, High Performer and Leader Europe badges, respectively.

7 Reasons Why Nobody — Not Even IT Pros — Should Click on Suspicious Links

IT pros repeatedly tell end users never to click on suspicious links. And this is a warning that should always be heeded!

[NEW] Password Hub Business 2022.2 Now Available

We are happy to announce that right on target per David’s Devolutions 2022 Roadmap, Password Hub Business 2022.2 is now available.