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[CASE STUDY] How Brazil’s Quanta Previdência Cooperativa Is Using Remote Desktop Manager to Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Security

“Devolutions is a company that I can trust and depend on...Even after nearly 10 years I am still impressed and amazed at the volume of new features and updates. The product keeps getting better and better.”

— Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier, IT Leader at Quanta Previdência Cooperativa

Client Snapshot: Quanta Previdência Cooperativa

Headquartered in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Previdência Cooperativa provides more than 130,000 Brazilians with private pension and retirement plans, as well as disability risk coverage and life insurance. Learn more at

Quanta Previdência Cooperativa’s Key Challenges

Previously, Quanta Previdência Cooperativa was not using any software solution to manage their remote desktop and SSH, and as a result the organization was facing many challenges, including:

  • It was excessively time-consuming to constantly update the list of servers for SysAdmins.
  • Changes that SysAdmins made to a connection type (e.g., machine information, notes, changes, etc.) were not automatically synced.
  • There was a risk that machine and connection data could be viewed by non-IT staff or other unauthorized individuals.
  • There was no tracking of the total number of managed servers, connections, and related documentation.
  • There was no place to securely record credentials.
  • Accessing some servers required several time-consuming manual steps.

Quanta Previdência Cooperativa’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Quanta Previdência Cooperativa IT department is led by IT Leader Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier, whose responsibilities include leading the organization’s technology team; designing, implementing, and supporting the organization’s IT infrastructure; and managing the costs of the organization’s cloud and on-premises solutions.

To solve these challenges, Germano went online and researched solutions. He was already familiar with Devolutions and Remote Desktop Manager through a previous company he worked for (and where he used Remote Desktop Manager for almost 7 years).

After his evaluation process, Germano confirmed that Remote Desktop Manager was still the best option, and saw it as the ideal solution that Quanta Previdência Cooperativa needed to substantially improve the organization’s remote desktop and SSH capabilities.


Quanta Previdência Cooperativa has been using Remote Desktop Manager since 2018, and they continue to enjoy the following advantages and benefits:

  • Greater Efficiency & Productivity: All server data is automatically updated in real-time and shared with all SysAdmins, as well as some credentials, limited by security groups or roles.
  • Improved Information Management: Changes are automatically synced, and SysAdmins are always accessing the latest, best data.
  • Automation: Integrated credentials and VPN connection with the servers or other entry types, reducing access time.
  • Enhanced Security: Machine and connection data is only accessible by SysAdmins, and all access is logged for tracking, auditing, and compliance.

Comments Quanta Previdência Cooperativa’s IT Leader Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier:

“Remote Desktop Manager has been excellent for us. The problems we faced were solved as soon as we implemented it, and even after nearly 10 years I am still impressed and amazed at the volume of new features and updates. The product keeps getting better and better. I also feel that Devolutions is a company that I can trust and depend on. Every time that we have needed something, Devolutions has been there to help us very quickly, and they always solve our problems.”

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