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[Customer Story]: Interview with CompKickers’ Founder John Kenny on Discovering and Using Remote Desktop Manager

“I could write a book if I had time about all the ways that Devolutions’ offerings have changed the way I work daily. I’d be lost without it.”

--John Kenny, Founder of CompKickers

At Devolutions we love building strong, long-term relationships with our customers. Today, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our most active and supportive community members, John Kenny.

John is the Founder of CompKickers, which is an IT consultancy firm and Managed Service Provider based in England. We invited him to share his story of discovering and using Remote Desktop Manager to serve his clients and move his company forward. Here is a snapshot of our discussion (our questions are in bold followed by John’s answers):

Can you please tell us a little about CompKickers?

CompKickers is an IT consultancy and Managed Service Provider headquartered in Basildon, England. In case you aren’t familiar with this area, Basildon is about 30 miles east of London. We launched about eight years ago. We provide remote IT services, remote IT support, and support for software and cloud services. We also provide targeted and customized advice; design, install, and evaluate new systems and software; train end users to adopt new solutions; and we are a value-added reseller for multiple software companies, including Microsoft.

How did you discover Remote Desktop Manager?

It’s an interesting story! When I launched CompKickers, I started out using various apps and MSTSC for RDP sessions, and saving them manually or in RDCMan. I began looking around for a better app that could organize my sessions to help make my daily tasks easier to negotiate, and to keep all details in one place.

Initially, I came across various apps from several developers. For example, ASG was one that caught my eye, and I thought it was going to be my app of choice since it performed most of the tasks that I required.

Then one day while still researching for remote desktop management apps, I came across Devolutions and Remote Desktop Manager. I saw that a free trial was available, so I downloaded the app. I was amazed!

It not only fulfilled my main requirements, such as organizing and managing all my session and credential details, but it also had add-ons that I had not found elsewhere in this app category. This allowed me to expand Remote Desktop Manager’s standard capabilities, and manage not just my RDP and credentials, but other entries such as VMWare consoles, third-party VPN apps, web sessions of various kinds, Veeam Backup and Replication, and the list goes on. It enabled me to perform almost all of my daily IT support and remote management tasks in just one app. The time saving and ease of use, along with the continuous updates and new features, is why I have never been interested in looking at another vendor’s offerings.

This is just my initial discovery and adoption of Remote Desktop Manager. I could write a book if I had time about all the ways that Devolutions’ offerings have changed the way I work daily. I’d be lost without it.

Do you have any future plans to expand your current use of Remote Desktop Manager, or add any new Devolutions’ solutions?

Devolutions is always expanding its app ranges or releasing new apps, so I am always trying out new features or new ways of using older apps with newer apps. For example, after a recent webinar held by Devolutions, I was recommended to try a data source migration for Remote Desktop Manager. I had been utilizing Devolutions Online Drive data source ever since adopting Remote Desktop Manager, but its performance had been declining the larger my entry database grew. And so, based on this recommendation I migrated from Online Drive to the newer app, Devolutions Password Hub personal. The performance difference was noticeable, and now I am running Remote Desktop Manager off a Devolutions Password Hub data source.

Please share your opinion of Devolutions. Do you feel it is a company you can trust and depend on? What would you like other people to know about Devolutions?

I am an avid fan of Devolutions as a development company. I have never experienced any problems to speak of, and all of my experiences have been positive. Devolutions always deliver and their support is top-notch.

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