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[Customer Story] VMware Uses Remote Desktop Manager To Store Its Passwords in a Secure and Centralized Location

“Remote Desktop Manager is my favorite tool and I cannot imagine working without it.”

– Anjani Kumar, VMware’s Cloud Implementation and Deployment Engineering Consultant

Client Snapshot: VMware

VMware, which is a member of the Dell Technologies family of businesses, is a global leader in B2B2C cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technologies. Through its class-leading solutions such as VSphere Suite and vCloud Air, and supported by a workforce of more than 15,000 professionals, VMware accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how organizations build and evolve IT environments.

VMware’s Challenges

The IT team based at VMware’s Bangalore Campus in India are responsible for managing more than 300 servers and over 1,300 remote connections. However, the team was facing significant efficiency and workflow-related challenges. These were their challenges:

  • It was impractical to remember the name of each server.
  • Switching from a server to a server was a major hassle.
  • It was tedious and time consuming to open multiple sessions.
  • Task bars were overloaded and confusing.

To address these challenges, VMware tried various products, including Windows RDCMan, Royal TS and an SQL DB-based tool. The team found Windows RDCman too disorganized and messy. They were also unimpressed with Royal TS’s UI and graphics, and the SQL database was deemed bloated and slow.

VMware’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

After trying these other products, VMware discovered Remote Desktop Manager. After a trial period, they concluded that it was the right solution for their current and future needs. Thanks to Remote Desktop Manager, VMware’s IT team now:

  • Saves time by storing all machine names and passwords in a secure, centralized location.
  • Easily opens sessions (e.g. VSphere, telnet, SSH, etc.) and creates new sessions.
  • Uses RDM’s tab option to quickly switch from server to server.
  • Accesses a clean and streamlined UI, with no messy and overloaded taskbars.
  • Groups sessions according to company, site, data center, session type, etc.
  • Applies multi-level security settings to prohibit unauthorized access.
  • Uses RDM’s local (Devolutions Server) and cloud-based database to access information from anywhere.
Here’s what Anjani Kumar, VMware’s Cloud Implementation and Deployment Engineering Consultant, says about his Remote Desktop Manager experience:

“I was thrilled when I discovered RDM. It not only solved all of our problems, but it gave us new and better tools to save time and make our work easier. I’ve recommended RDM to thousands of colleagues, peers and clients, and those that have tried it have been very impressed. I’m also a big fan of Devolutions’ support and development teams. They’re constantly coming up with innovative ideas, and adding new features to each update. RDM is my favorite tool, and I cannot imagine working without it.”

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