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[Customer Story] ZEROFAIL Uses Remote Desktop Manager to Keep Its Data Organized in One Centralized Portal Accessible By Its Employees

Client Snapshot

Established in 2000, ZEROFAIL is recognized as one of the most reliable Outsourced Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions companies in the industry, and serves thousands of clients worldwide through its four market-leading divisions: ZEROFAIL LiveDesktop, ZEROFAIL Fibroptix, ZEROFAIL Hosting, and ZEROFAIL Online Backups. The company’s 15 full-time IT professionals manage about a mix of approximately 300 devices (servers, routers and switches).

ZEROFAIL’s Challenges

Prior to discovering Remote Desktop Manager, ZEROFAIL was struggling with several key challenges, including:

  • It was difficult to keep credential information updated and available to all employees. All information had to be manually copied/pasted.
  • Employees would add their own credentials, which caused confusion and created multiple copies of the database.
  • There was a lack of control regarding credentials.
  • Employees were wasting a lot of time connecting to clients -- and it was even worse for employees who weren’t familiar with a client.
**ZEROFAIL’s SOLUTION: Remote Desktop Manager **

ZEROFAIL attempted to solve these challenges using mRemote. However, the company’s Vice President of Managed Services Stéphane Auger called it “a nightmare”, because there was no information sharing. Reflects Stéphane: “We were getting too many complaints from clients and employees that support was taking too long, and that we were wasting too much time. That’s when we started looking into a more centralized tool, and discovered Remote Desktop Manager”.

Here are some of the benefits that ZEROFAIL is enjoying thanks to RDM:
  • All information is now captured and organized in one centralized portal, which is accessed via Active Directory – which means that the company’s IT pros only need to know the computer name and not the credentials. This has substantially decreased connection time.
  • Numerous protocols (e.g. Microsoft RDP, SSH, Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS, TeamViewer, VNC, etc.) are now integrated, which has improved efficiency.
  • Everything now runs on an SQL database, which has made it extremely easy to manage, backup and restore data.
Commented ZEROFAIL’s VP of Managed Services Stéphane Auger:

With RDM, an increase in productivity is the biggest benefit we’ve experienced so far. Having a one-stop-shop for all of our access requirements is an amazing advantage. And since all of our information is now in one place, we rarely have to ask a client for their credentials more than once. RDM’s has consolidated our information and made our lives much easier. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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