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Remote Desktop Manager Case Study: Hestronic BV

[Customer Story] Hestroci BV Adopted Remote Desktop Manager For a Better Management of Their Shared Connections

With RDM, it’s so easy to store and share all kinds of remote connections. Everything we need is in RDM.

Raymond Jansen, Hestronic BV’s System Administrator

Client Snapshot

Hestronic BV is an IT service provider that serves Western and Eastern Holland. The company provides Microsoft-based computer services and solutions for small and mid-sized companies (up to 100 employees), with a focus on desktops and servers. The company has established reseller relationships with many leading IT companies, including Microsoft, HP, Sonicwall, Nod32 and Vasco.

Hestronic BV ’s Challenges

Prior to using Remote Desktop Manager, Hestronic BV faced key challenges and obstacles, including:

  • It was impossible for team members to share their connections, which reduced efficiency and productivity.
  • The database used to store RDP connections was not versatile, and could not store additional information.
  • Temporary employees had access to all passwords, which was a security risk.
Hestronic BV ’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Hestronic BV initially tried using Royal TS, but found that development was slow and the product was not complete enough. As such, team members were frequently obligated to exchange information by email or telephone (e.g. “what IP address is the VMWare server on”, “do they have iLO”, etc.). Then the company discovered Remote Desktop Manager. After trying it in their environment, they quickly realized that it would solve their challenges.

Here are some of the benefits that Hestronic BV is enjoying thanks to RDM

Hestronic BV is now managing approximately 450 machines with Remote Desktop Manager and enjoying the following advantages:

  • Team members are now efficiently and easily sharing connections via a SQL server.
  • Team members are now able to store additional information in the database, such as: VPN connections, iLO server addresses, information about virtual machines from VMware, etc.
  • Team members are now able to see if a colleague is already connected to a machine.
  • Temporary staff can connect with stored passwords, but they cannot see them – and as such, when they leave the company Hestronic BV does not have to change them.
Commented Raymond Jansen, Hestronic BV’s System Administrator

The biggest win for us is saving time. Everything we need is in RDM, and there’s no more calling each other to find out more information. Also, at more than one occasion, I have posted in the Devolutions forum regarding a problem or request, and where possible they were all implemented very quickly!”

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