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Remote Desktop Manager Case Study: EchoStar

[Customer Story] Echostar Uses Remote Desktop Manager as Their Unique Console for All of Their Remote Administrative Needs

RDM truly is one console for all of my remote administrative needs.

David Sechler, Echostar’s Staff Specialist Systems/Network

Client Snapshot

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado with business units worldwide, EchoStar (NASDAQ: SATS) is a multiple Emmy award-winning company that has pioneered advancements in the TV and satellite industries for nearly 30 years, consistently delivering value for customers, partners and investors. EchoStar’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hughes, is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband services, delivering network technologies and managed services in more than 100 countries. The company employs 4,400 people in multiple locations.

EchoStar’s Challenges:

Prior to using Remote Desktop Manager, EchoStar** was struggling to overcome key challenges**, including:

  • Not being able to efficiently and effectively share remote connections among colleagues.
  • Having to use multiple software implementations to access every piece of software and hardware.
  • Being obligated to log into a Windows server, use an elevated command prompt, or use other tools (e.g. PSTools) to make changes to servers.
EchoStar’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Several years ago when he was a Junior Administrator working across multiple environments, David Sechler -- who is now Echostar’s Staff Specialist Systems/Network -- tried several remote desktop tools in an attempt to solve the above-noted challenges, but without success. He found all of them to be cumbersome, and that they failed to offer a way to work with a specific server other than logging into it. That’s when he came across Remote Desktop Manager, and realized that his search was over. Reflects David: As soon as I saw how many tools RDM replaced, I made the switch immediately.

Here are some of the benefits that EchoStar is enjoying thanks to RDM:

David and his team at EchoStar are managing approximately 500 devices with RDM, and enjoying the following key benefits:

  • Team members easily and quickly connect to a database in order to access connections across departments.
  • Onboarding new team members with all of their required connections is much faster, as is getting desktops/laptops up and running after a crash, rebuild, etc.
  • RDM has efficiently replaced multiple software implementations that were previously used to access ccess different hardware and software products including RDP, PuTTY, ESX Console Access, and VNC.
  • Since RDM puts everything in one dashboard, team members simply click on continuous ping when looking at a server to get information. There is no need to open an elevated command prompt, or type in the server name or IP. They just click a button and everything is right in front of them. The same goes for services, or management consoles.
  • If they don’t find the macro they need in the RDM tool kit, team members simply create and share new customized macros.
  • With so many tools available in the RDM dashboard, there is rarely a need to open another application.
Commented David Sechler, Echostar’s Staff Specialist Systems/Network:

“In my 20 years as an admin, I’ve worked across multiple types of network hardware interfaces, as well as operating systems. Each of them needs to be accessed by one tool or another. But with RDM, I can get my work done by using just one tool! RDM truly is one console for all of my remote administrative needs”.

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