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[Customer Story] Italik Adopted Remote Desktop Manager To Instantly Store And Share Customers’ Information

We all love Remote Desktop Manager, as it has become a single repository for all our customers regardless of connection type.

Robert Milner, Infrastructure Consultant

Client Snapshot

Italik is an independent IT consultancy and solutions company, which predominately serves the North of England. Established in 1999 by individuals from large corporate backgrounds, ITALIK brings big-company IT thinking and expertise to small and medium sized enterprises. The company acts like a virtual IT department from ongoing support through infrastructure, servers, data & voice, networks and security, to project consultancy and IT strategy.

Italik’s Challenge: Easily access and share information between users

Italik’s major challenge was trying to keep track of the myriad of different device details for all their customers. Essentially, they had to memorize every IP address and all credential details. They attempted to store this information in other formats, but found it too cumbersome and insecure. They were also unable to access the information they needed instantly and “on-demand,” nor could they easily share information between employees.

Italik’s Solution: True team-based sharing platform using Remote Desktop Manager

After trying mRemote and concluding that it wasn’t updated regularly enough, and that it didn’t have features that fit the company’s complete team-based needs, Italik tried Remote Desktop Manager – and has never looked back. With RDM, Italik is now able to:

  • Centralize all customer device details in a secure, orderly data source
  • Instantly access all customer details (e.g. IP address, device specifications)
  • Share customer details between all employees
  • Empower employees to help customers rapidly and thoroughly
  • Run Command Line and PowerShell scripts to dramatically improve the customer support process
  • Access inventory reports to instantly get information about a server – even before logging on
  • See key information, like amount of free disk space, O/S, amount of free RAM – in order to detect potential server issues
  • Access RDM’s powerful and time-saving tools for RDP sessions

Here’s what Italik’s Infrastructure Consultant Robert Milner has to say about Remote Desktop Manager:

“We all love Remote Desktop Manager, as it has become a single repository for all our customers regardless of connection type. Whether it be RDP, SSH, Telnet, Web, Hyper-V or VMWare, we have a single interface for all our customer connections. No longer do we need to open separate tools in separate windows – everything is within RDM. It really does make remote connections to customer devices much simpler – just a double click of a mouse button, and you have the connection established. RDM doesn’t stop there. You can build on top of RDM, by using custom Command Line or PowerShell scripts. So you can create your own custom connection tools/scripts, and keep them within RDM. RDM goes beyond itself by offering a rich feature set, which makes it a very attractive for IT Pros like us. I personally would like to thank everyone at Devolutions for developing such an excellent product. Italik has no hesitation recommending this product to anyone – it really is that good. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to future developments!”

Robert Milner

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