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Devolutions Case study - The Answer

[Customer Story] The Answer Company Uses Remote Desktop Manager To Securely Manage And Store Their Several Passwords For Their Multiple Machines

The Answer Company can now easily manage nearly 100 connections, several protocols, passwords and connection details using Remote Desktop Manager.

Remote Desktop Manager offers a comprehensive GUI and with its navigational tree structure & protocol icons, it’s a snap to locate exactly what I’m looking for.

Robert Cummings, Professional Service Group Manager

Client Snapshot:

The Answer Company is a leading business software provider and Sage Software Certified Partner and Reseller. With offices in Vancouver,Calgary and Toronto,** they help businesses answer the difficult questions with regards to investments in technology**. With over 500 successful implementations and support, they continue to build their business one client at a time, taking the time to truly understand their businesses and challenges.

The Answer Company’s Challenge: Keeping track and updating connection details

The Answer Company faced a variety of key challenges, including:

  • With nearly 100 connections and several protocols, passwords and connection details to keep track of information was very difficult to manage.
  • Many staff members travelled and used both a laptop and a workstation, keeping shortcuts in sync was a nightmare (and most staff didn’t even do it!).
  • With 6 different protocols, desktops were clogged with shortcuts and folders.
  • Staff kept connection IDs and passwords in Outlook note entries and Excel files, which was a major security issue.
  • To connect to virtual machines that they didn’t access often, staff had to connect to the host machine, and then use the Hyper-V Console to connect to the virtual machine so they could check the network configuration and determine the IP address – this was a very inconvenient and time consuming process.
The Answer Company’s Solution: RDM's centralized database

Now that The Answer Company has selected RDM, they can:

  • Securely, efficiently and easily connect to Virtual Machines – including those that they didn’t access often.
  • Access a full suite of protocols, and add new connections by simply “pointing & clicking.”
  • Take advantage of robust password security and management functionality, which also prevents users from using the same password for multiple machines, or storing passwords in an insecure manner (i.e. in Excel, etc.).
  • Easily utilize the Navigational Directory Tree to locate a connection extremely easy
  • Visually confirm connections via easy-to-spot protocol icons
  • Export data to laptops and desktops, so that they’re always in sync
  • Reduce worry and stress, because all connection information is securely stored in a convenient, centralized location

Ultimately, Remote Desktop Manager has made life easier at The Answer Company, which has translated directly into more efficient operations.

Here’s what The Answer Company’s Professional Service Group Manager Robert Cummings has to say about choosing Remote Desktop Manager:

Accepting the fact that I had a problem, I had a hunch that others were experiencing similar problems and that there surely must be a solution for all of us. RDM was one of the first solutions I looked at and because a free version was available for trial, installing it was a very easy decision to make. Initially, I was just looking for centralized organization of all of my RDP connections but when I started using RDM, I was more than a little surprised to see the support for all of the protocols I was using plus many more that I wasn’t yet using – lots of room for growth! RDM also offers a comprehensive GUI and with its navigational tree structure & protocol icons, it’s a snap to locate exactly what I’m looking for. After a short while using the free software, I realized the potential for improved password handling that made the upgrade to RDM Enterprise another easy choice for me.

Robert Cummings

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