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[NEWS] Devolutions’ PAM Solution Featured in New Report by KuppingerCole Analysts

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We are pleased to share that Devolutions’ PAM solution is featured in a new report by KuppingerCole Analysts.

KuppingerCole Analysts is an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe. The firm specializes in offering vendor-neutral advice, expertise, thought leadership and practical relevance in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IAG), Risk Management & Compliance (GRC), as well as all areas concerning Digital Transformation.

The report, which is available from the KuppingerCole Analysts’ below, highlights the critical importance of PAM as it relates to both IT and business users. The report also points out that SMBs have traditionally been neglected and under-served in the global PAM marketplace. Comments Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger:

PAM is essential to all types of companies, well beyond large businesses. On the other hand, the broad and complex spectrum of technologies within the PAM market segment and the sometimes-complex deployment are not always well-suited for SMBs (small/medium businesses). While they need PAM, their focus (unless they are high-risk businesses — e.g. in a critical infrastructure industry) must be on some essential capabilities, which specifically include:

  • Managing credentials securely, specifically for shared passwords (shared account password management)
  • Providing secure remote access whenever required, as a baseline for privileged session management
  • Account discovery to move this into protection

Devolutions focuses on specific PAM solutions for the SMB market, covering remote access, shared account password management for various types of accounts, and it is about to add account discovery.

In addition, the report highlights key strengths and challenges of our PAM solution.** The strengths include:**

  • A clear focus on providing SMBs with solid fundamental PAM capabilities
  • Simple deployment and ease of use
  • Strong remote access and remote session capabilities
  • Support for multiple protocols, vaults and remote access tools
  • Capacity to discover accounts across networks
  • Compatible with two-factor authentication

The challenges include:

  • Lack of support for extended PAM features such as session monitoring/recording and Privileged User Behavior Analytics (PUBA)
  • No cloud deployment option available
  • Relatively small vendor with small partner ecosystem

While we appreciate having the strengths of our products acknowledged and endorsed, it is just as important for us to learn about the challenges, since they help direct our efforts toward improvement and innovation.

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