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Introducing RDM Jump from Devolutions

Remote Desktop Manager Jump Beta

Hi everyone!

We are publicly opening the beta registration for Remote Desktop Manager Jump (RDM Jump). You might remember project codename Jumping Jack. No more secrecy, time for details. Thank you to all who commented on the initial Jumping Jack blog post, good guess Brandur.

Why RDM Jump
RDM Jump - Diagram

We’ve had many request in the past for support of Jump Server or Jump Host environments (here and here for example). In the past we always suggested the manual solution. Install a second instance of RDM on the jump host, configured to its own data sources, usually local xml, RDP to the jump host and from there RDP to the desired machine. This works but it is not optimal. This meant you only had logging on the RDP to the jump server not to the actual internal machine. We needed a more complete and simpler solution.

What is RDM Jump

We had a few brain storming sessions, took into account user suggestions and performed some exploratory testing. The end result is RDM Jump. You can manage all your sessions in a single data source (both jump hosts and internal machines). Once configured, simply open a Jump connection and watch RDM get to work. It will open the RDP to the jump host and then open the RDP to the internal machine. While logging both open sessions back to the data source logs.

Register Today!

Register for the beta today and be among the first to give it a try. RDM Jump beta is based on RDM v9.5 which requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4, you will need to install the prerequisite prior to running the installer. Register Here: You'll receive an email confirmation and further information will be sent to you in the upcoming weeks. Thanks!

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