Marc-Andre Moreau

Marc-André Moreau, Chief Innovation Officer, leads various research and development initiatives at Devolutions. Founder of the FreeRDP project, remote desktop protocol expert, open source contributor with an entrepreneurial background.

Wayk is dead, long live Wayk!

Summertime is the perfect time for vacation and relaxation, but it is also an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what is to come. Building a new product from scratch and make it commercially viable is a very difficult endeavor that takes a lot of courage and determination. After 5 years of active development and multiple adjustments in product direction, Wayk has not managed to meet expected sales. It was a wild ride and an incredible learning experience, but the time has come to pull the plug.

Effective immediately, Wayk Bastion is no longer sold and will receive no new features. Existing customers should begin searching for a replacement product and contact our sales department for a refund. Support will continue until the end of 2021, after which no updates will be provided. The Wayk Bastion cloud service will be temporarily shut down in September, and then permanently shut down in October, one year after the initial deprecation announcement.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank everyone for giving Wayk a chance. It was not an easy decision to take and we understand it can be disappointing to some users. On the bright side, Wayk will be reborn as part of Devolutions Server. The old Wayk Agent will become the Devolutions Agent, and most features supported by the Devolutions Gateway will be ported. This change will allow us to focus our efforts on a single self-hosted server product and bring it to the next level.

As for Waykee, the blue owl, it will be adopted as our new Devolutions mascot. Wayk is dead, long live Wayk!

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