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[UPDATED] 2019 Most Popular Free Remote Desktop Solutions

Updated April 14, 2020

Please look below for the added Remote Desktop software review and also take a look at our updated comparison table.

AnyDesk vs Chrome Remote Desktop vs Windows Remote Desktop Connection vs UltraVNC vs Remote Utilities vs TeamViewer (Personal Use) vs ConnectWise Control vs LiteManager Free vs Zoho Assist

[We had to remove from our review since it no longer offers a free version – you may still access a free meeting but will not be able to launch one. has said: “To keep empowering our customers to host professional, feature rich meetings we have decided to discontinue the free product and focus our efforts on improving our paid versions.”]

In the same way there is an abundance of Password Manager software and 2 Factor-Authentication methods to choose from, finding the perfect remote connection software can be as hard as finding the perfect date on Tinder. But don’t worry, we’ve worked hard and done the background research so you won’t have to. After much research and in-house debate, the following are our favorites free remote connections: AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, Windows Remote Desktop Connection, UltraVNC, Remote Utilities, TeamViewer(Personal Use), ConnectWise Control, LiteManager Free and Zoho Assist.

Remote connection software helps users work on a computer through another computer. These programs are a must for technical support staff, as they enable IT pros to help when physical access is impossible. It also allows anyone to start or attend meetings, collaborate on projects, and discuss business, even when they are nowhere near their desktops.

So let the comparing begin!

AnyDesk Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison
AnyDesk is a fast remote-access program that doesn’t require any installation and works without having to configure a router.

Chrome RDP Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote desktop program from Google that runs on the Chrome web browser.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

Remote Desktop Connection is Windows' tool for accessing and controlling a computer from a remote location.

Ultra VNC Remote Desktop Connection Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

Ultra VNC is a free remote access software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen.

Remote Utilities Remote Desktop Connection Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

Remote Utilities is a free remote access program. You can connect to as many as 10 computers for free from a mobile device or desktop program.

Team Viewer Remote Desktop Connection Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

TeamViewer is a computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.


ConnectWise Control is a remote computer access software that offers high performance and outstanding security.

LiteManager Remote Desktop Connection Free Remote Connection-Compare Table Comparaison

LiteManager Free is a secure remote access and support tool.

Zoho Assist Logo

Zoho Assist is an easy-to-use, all-in-one, web-based solution for remote support, unattended desktop access, and screen sharing.

Here is a table for a quick overview of some advanced options supported by the different Remote Connection software.

*** **Only available with the paid version. **** **Presently working on that feature. ***** **Windows 7 and later doesn’t support file transfer but Windows XP and Vista does support file transfer. ****** **Only in 32-bit not currently supported in 64-bit.

(1)** Screen sharing**: Share everything that is on your desktop with coworkers as if they were there looking over your shoulder. (2)** Audio support: The remote control software transfers audio signals across the network and plays the audio through the speakers attached to the local computer. (3) Unattended access**: Setting up unattended access on a customer’s computer or server allows you to access their computer when the customer is not sitting in front of it, enabling you to provide unattended technical support at any time. (4) Portable version: A portable version means that it is not installed and can therefore be started from any data carrier (such as a USB stick or a CD) (5)** Clipboard synchronization**: If the option is enabled, any text copied to the clipboard will automatically be available on the other side.

After taking your time in choosing and doing some careful comparison-shopping, all there is left to do, is to pick out the right one for you!

Have fun shopping!

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