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Hello, I am a Product Marketer here at Devolutions. I have been with our company for several years, and previously I worked in our Translation Department. My role includes creating technical and marketing content for our roster of products, as well as for our website. I also continue to oversee our Translation team. I am passionate about IT, which I studied at college. I am also very interested in cybersecurity, and currently taking college courses in networking and security (the learning never stops!). On a more personal note, I looooooooooooove Legos and my two Coton de Tulear dogs whose names are “Q-Tips” and “Fluffy”.

[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations That Use RDP Can Avoid Complexity, Reduce Costs & Boost Network Visibility by Using Devolutions Gateway Instead of a VPN

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) should never be exposed directly on the Internet (port 3389). As such, many organizations boost security with a virtual private network (VPN).

However, there are some key problems with this approach:

  • VPN servers are notoriously difficult to deploy.
  • VPN clients often tunnel all traffic through the private network — which can significantly degrade network performance.
  • While the cost/benefit ratio of using a VPN may be acceptable for large corporate networks, it is typically not suitable for small, isolated networks.

Another way to look at this is to say that VPNs are a general-purpose solution applied to a specific problem (RDP), which makes them ill-suited for the job.

Fortunately, there is a practical solution that addresses all of these challenges: Use Devolutions Gateway in conjunction with Devolutions Server and Remote Desktop Manager.

In our new use case (which includes how-to steps), you will discover how this approach:

  • Establishes robust security by enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all Devolutions’ Gateway RDP connections.
  • Turns complexity into simplicity by replacing a bloated VPN deployment with an easy-to-use, lightweight Devolutions Gateway instance.
  • Improves network performance by restricting tunneling to RDP connections, so there is no negative impact on other network traffic.
  • Increases functionality and versatility by making secure just-in-time (JIT) RDP access possible without using a VPN. This also enables detailed centralized session tracking and auditing.

Click here to instantly download the Use Case [PDF].

Click here for a full list of Use Cases that are also available for download.

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