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What's New in Devolutions Gateway 2024.2


Discover the latest advancements in the Devolutions Gateway 2024.2 release, which includes many exciting changes.

The 2024.2 release of Devolutions Gateway brings several exciting enhancements. This version features a new post-install configuration report, enhanced network scanning capabilities, and expanded support for SSH key authentication. Dive into these updates in detail below and see how they can benefit your workflow!

About Devolutions Gateway

Before we discuss the new features, let's explain what Devolutions Gateway is and how to use it.

Unlike legacy VPNs, after authentication and authorization, Devolutions Gateway only forwards the traffic of the connecting service, which helps both performance and scaling. Devolutions Gateway offers native performance while relaying RDP, VNC, ARD, SSH, Telnet, PowerShell, and web protocols while protecting internal resources from outside access.

With only a lightweight service installed on Windows or Linux, avoid the hassle of deploying agents to every target system. Devolutions Gateway integrates seamlessly with Devolutions Server, Devolutions Hub, and Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) for a complete remote connection solution.

With the recent release of Devolutions Gateway standalone, Devolutions is offering a free alternative to solutions like Apache Guacamole through an easy-to-install service allowing fast web-based access to internal resources. When ready to bring in the team, integrate Devolutions Gateway with Devolutions Server or Hub and Remote Desktop Manager for authorized just-in-time external access to resources in segmented networks.

Learn how to install, configure, and get started with Devolutions Gateway or schedule a live demo with us!

What’s new in Devolutions Gateway 2024.2: a deeper look

Now, to all of the exciting features in the 2024.2 release of Devolutions Gateway! If you want to see the full list of changes and features, read the latest release notes.

Installing Devolutions Gateway as the NetworkService account in Windows

A change introduced in 2024.1.6 is for Devolutions Gateway to install and run as the NetworkService account in Windows instead of the LocalSystem account. With this change, we continue to narrow permissions to just what is needed, further securing Devolutions Gateway.

If your recording path, as specified in the RecordingPath configuration in the gateway.json file, does not allow NETWORK SERVICE rights to modify folder contents, you may need to update your folder permissions. To fix this, modify your recording folder to add read and write permissions for the NETWORK SERVICE.

Devolutions Gateway running as the Network Service account
Devolutions Gateway running as the Network Service account

New in Devolutions Gateway 2024.2.2.0 is a new post-install or repair report for configuration permission issues. This simple HTML report should help you diagnose any problems that may come up and make sure that everything works right! Click the “View configuration issues” link, which appears if the installer detects any issues.

Post-install/repair configuration issues report
Post-install/repair configuration issues report

Implementing recording playback API support through Devolutions Gateway

Since the legacy recording server was deprecated in DVLS 2023.2.1.0, Devolutions Gateway is the required remote recording interface. The latest versions include new capabilities, such as DVLS web recording playback, enabled by the new API endpoints!

Playing session recordings directly in DVLS
Playing session recordings directly in DVLS

The in-app recording playback requires the latest Devolutions Server release and at least Devolutions Gateway 2024.2.3.0.

Enabling SSH key authentication in Devolutions Gateway standalone

Offering an alternative to using an SSH username and password, the Devolutions Gateway standalone web application now allows you to use SSH keys to authenticate to your endpoints. Furthermore, recent enhancements have also brought support for encrypted SSH private keys!

SSH key support in the Devolutions Gateway standalone web application
SSH key support in the Devolutions Gateway standalone web application

Expanding network scanning support in Devolutions Gateway standalone

The ability to import entries via scans of Devolutions Gateway-protected remote networks was introduced in Devolutions Gateway 2024.1.0 and has been supported in Remote Desktop Manager since 2024.1.12.0. Additionally, the versatile RDM Network Scan tool can be used to discover resources via Devolutions Gateway. With the latest release, use the same robust network scanning within the standalone web application to discover remote resources and connect quickly!

Discovering remote endpoints through Devolutions Gateway network scanning
Discovering remote endpoints through Devolutions Gateway network scanning

Adding Linux hosting support to Devolutions Gateway standalone

Not to be outdone by Windows, Devolutions Gateway now ships with support for Linux as a host to the standalone web application. With Linux support, we strive to allow you to run Devolutions Gateway wherever you need it to!

Tell us what you think

Your feedback has shaped many of the improvements in Devolutions Gateway 2024.2. Please keep sharing your thoughts and experiences. The best way to provide feedback and request new features is through our forum, where the entire community can join the discussion. You can also reach out to our support team or comment below. We're always listening!

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