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Devolutions' SOC2 Type-II Report Renewal Milestone


Devolutions is pleased to announce the successful renewal of its SOC2 Type-II report for Devolutions Hub for 2022. The report demonstrates our dedication to ensuring security, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Customers, partners, and other stakeholders can request a copy of the report by email.

At Devolutions, we constantly strive to ensure that our customers’ information and data is safe. As part of our total commitment to security and maintaining compliance, we are excited to announce that we have successfully renewed our SOC2 Type-II report for Devolutions Hub, covering the period January 1 to December 31, 2022.

Enhancing Our Security Posture

As some of you may recall, about a year ago we announced that we successfully renewed our SOC Type-II report for Devolutions Hub for the period January 1 to December 31, 2021. At first glance, it may not seem like much has changed year-over-year. However, this is not the case! As I will discuss below, this renewal represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance our security posture and maturity.

Maintaining Results Throughout the Year

It is often said that completing an assessment or audit the first year is relatively easy, but maintaining the results throughout the year is the real challenge. This sentiment rings true in our case. Our Compliance Committee worked diligently to ensure that all stakeholders were effectively guided and communicated with, in order to keep up momentum. Because of this focus and dedication, we have maintained our high security standards year after year.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our commitment to providing a secure and reliable environment for Hub security, our team makes it a priority to consistently improve processes and fine-tune controls. This enables us to ensure that our customers have confidence in our ability to protect their data, and to provide them with the best possible experience when using Devolutions Hub.

Guidance and Communication

Our Compliance Committee continues to play a pivotal role in overseeing these improvements, and ensuring that all stakeholders remain focused on the bigger picture. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we have been able to streamline our processes, which made the audit work for this year's SOC2 Type-II report much easier.

Key Takeaways

This recent renewal of the SOC2 Type-II report for Devolutions Hub highlights our ongoing commitment to security, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Key takeaways from this achievement include:

  • The importance of maintaining results throughout the year, rather than just focusing on the initial assessment or audit.
  • The vital role played by our Compliance Committee in effectively communicating with and guiding stakeholders to ensure success.
  • Our dedication to continuously improving processes and fine-tuning controls to create a secure and reliable environment for Hub security.

Final Thoughts

Everyone at Devolutions is very proud of our team’s efforts to achieve this important milestone, the renewal of our SOC2 Type-II report for Devolutions Hub. This accomplishment underscores our dedication to providing customers with the highest level of security.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain committed to maintaining and enhancing our security posture, so our customers can always trust that their data is safe and secure!

Request the Report

Our latest SOC2 Type-II report is available to customers, partners, and any other relevant stakeholders who are interested in learning more about Devolutions Hub’s security protocols. To receive the report, please contact our team by sending an email to Please note that a SOC2 report is complex and intended for technical audiences.

Also, given the confidential nature of the information disclosed in the report, we will ask each person who requests a copy of our SOC2 report to execute a non-disclosure agreement to preserve the confidentiality of its contents.

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