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SysAdmin Appreciation Day Fun: YOU Write the Comic!

Being a SysAdmin — or any kind of IT pro for that matter — is hard work. Things often get hectic and stressful. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun every now and then!

To celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day, Patrick, our artist-in-residence extraordinaire and creator of Sysadminotaur, has created a special comic… but with a twist:

As you’ll see below, the second panel and the final panel in this special comic have missing text. This is not a mistake. We want YOU to complete it! Your mission is to complete the enumerated panels of this comic with your imagination!

Simply post your contribution below. Next month, we’ll pick the one that we think is the best and award that contributor a $25 Amazon gift card.

Thank you in advance for participating. We can’t wait to see what amazing ideas you come up with!


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