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[NEW] Use Case: How Organizations Can Use a Linux Server Database Backend with Remote Desktop Manager

Starting with version 2022.1.11.0, Remote Desktop Manager no longer supports MySQL or Maria DB as a data source. This decision was made after our analysis found that:

  • Less than 2% of Remote Desktop Manager customers used these data sources.
  • 80% of the MariaDB and MySQL-related issues that our Support Team handled were directly related to configurations in these databases, and not to Remote Desktop Manager.

However, some customers — predominantly those using Remote Desktop Manager for Linux — may not want to migrate to a Windows server backend. Fortunately, there is a straightforward and practical alternative: Microsoft SQL Server Express.

In our new use case (which includes how-to steps), you will discover how using Microsoft SQL Server Express as a backend for Remote Desktop Manager delivers:

  • A Familiar Server Environment: Leverage experience and familiarity in Linux server management, instead of migrating to a Windows server backend.
  • A Proven and Secure Database: Microsoft SQL Server has been used in enterprises and organizations worldwide for several decades with proven success.
  • Excellent Management Tools: Use Microsoft SQL Management Studio, CLI tooling, and DbaTools for PowerShell to support and streamline management.

Click here to instantly download the Use Case [PDF].

Click here for a full list of Use Cases that are also available for download.

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