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April Poll Results: What Do You Want Us to Cover in Our Webinar Series?

Welcome to May, Devolutions Nation! As writer Edwin Way Teale said: “All things seem possible in May.” And we agree — especially when it comes to our webinar series.

That’s because last month, we asked you to tell us what you want us to cover in our webinar series. We plan on turning some of your ideas into webinars and inviting community members to be part of the webinar presentation team!

We’ll talk more about that in a moment. First, let’s recap your great webinar ideas. To make things simpler, we have categorized these by product focus. Also please note that ideas with a * were suggested more than once.

Remote Desktop Manager Webinar Ideas:

  • How to use RDM in different scenarios.*
  • RDM tips and use cases.*
  • Best practices (Tips & Tricks) for Day2 Operations.
  • How to install SNMP so that RDM can use it.
  • Using the RDM iPad app with an Azure DB using Microsoft 365 authentication (w/MFA).
  • Configuring RDM to use stored passwords in Password Hub Personal, without installing them on the same machine.
  • Configuring RDM to retrieve passwords from Azure’s Secret Server.
  • Integrating RDM with Devolutions Server and Password Hub.
  • Using auto-fill and recovering inventory data.

Devolutions Server Webinar Ideas:

  • How to install and configure Devolutions Server.
  • Advantages of using Devolutions Server with/without Devolutions Gateway.
  • Using automation with Devolutions Server.

Password Hub Business Webinar Ideas:

  • Password Hub Roadmap*

Multi-Product Webinar Ideas:

  • How existing RDM users can benefit by using other Devolutions products.*
  • How non-Devolutions products that allow support vendors into systems could work with Devolutions’ products, such as Devolutions Server, Devolutions Gateway, and Devolutions Launcher.
  • Best practices for each product.
  • Cloud-based services and implementation with Devolutions tools.

Other Webinar Ideas:

  • How to convince the company to drop another tool in favor of Devolutions’ tools.
  • AI and different scenarios for managers.

The Winners

Our plan was to pick some webinar ideas and reward contributing community members in three ways:

  • A $25 Amazon gift card
  • Credit for their idea
  • The opportunity (if they wish) to join our team and deliver the webinar

As we said, that was our plan. So, why don’t we just announce the winners? Because our plan ran into a problem: There are TOO MANY good ideas — and more than we had anticipated! Granted, this is one of those “good” problems to have.

So, we need a little more time to evaluate the ideas, and possibly combine two or more ideas into a single webinar. We will provide an update in the coming days. Please stay tuned!

And what about the May poll question? Don’t worry, that’s not being delayed. We will have that for you in the next few days as well.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the April poll. Your webinar ideas are outstanding, and you have given us a lot to think about and discuss!

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