A new feature article by our VP of Business Solutions, Maurice Côté, has been published by The Record.

In the feature article, Maurice lists three tools that all organizations — including smaller businesses with limited budgets — should implement immediately to enhance their security posture and safeguard their data, employees, customers, and reputation.

The fundamental tools that Maurice discusses include:

  • A centralized remote connection manager
  • A privileged account management (PAM) solution
  • A bastion server

Writes Maurice: “While technology is getting better and better, cybercriminals are evolving and innovating as well. All organizations need to improve their security posture now, not later. The costs and consequences of getting hacked can be catastrophic.”

The full feature article is available at: https://www.technologyrecord.com/digital/magazine/issue21/77/index.html. No sign-up is required.

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