A privileged access management (PAM) solution helps secure, control, manage, and monitor privileged access to critical assets. The goal is to provide IT teams with the right balance between keeping the organization’s critical assets secure, while allowing end users to be productive.

However, many privileged access management solutions require that SysAdmins use multiple remote access technologies (RATs) to access a wide range of privileged accounts. This leads to three major problems:

  1. It is increasingly difficult to use privileged passwords without revealing sensitive information to end users.
  2. It creates an administrative burden for SysAdmins, who must spend an excessive amount of time responding to access-related requests from end users.
  3. It adds costs that take up more of the budget—which means fewer funds are available for other important investments and priorities.

Fortunately, there is a proven, efficient and affordable solution to these problems: integrate Remote Desktop Manager with an existing Privileged Access Management solution to create a Privileged Session Management system.

In our new Case Study, you will discover how a Privileged Session Management system helps your organization:

  • Enhance Security: securely retrieve and inject credentials into remote sessions, without divulging sensitive information to end users
  • Maintain Workflow: seamlessly launch remote connections using current infrastructure, without disrupting workflow.
  • Automate Tasks: routine tasks can be easily automated, which improves efficiency without compromising security.
  • Create Audit Trails: actions performed in Remote Desktop Manager can be logged and reported on for audit and compliance purposes, in accordance with security policy.

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