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Hello there! My name is Derick St-Hilaire, and I’m the Salesforce Administrator here at Devolutions. I’m one of the more experienced employees here at Devolutions, and it has been amazing to see the company and community grow over the years. My primary responsibilities include managing our Salesforce platform, and working closely with our strategic partners and customers. I also oversee the management of Devolutions Force, which is our VIP Advocate Community. Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I enjoy camping, walking my dog, playing video games, and I’m a huge movie fan — including the Star Wars franchise of course. If you would like to join Devolutions Force, or if you wish to get in touch, then you are welcome to contact me directly at


[NEW RELEASE] Remote Desktop Manager 2020.3 Now Available

Summer is usually when most people take some time off from work (especially this year!). But fear not: our superhero Development Team has been hard at work on the latest and best version of Remote Desktop Manager: say hello to version 2020.3!

RDM 2020.3 offers many additions, enhancements, and fixes. Below are some of the key new and improved features.

Temporary Access

We all know that accounts must be secure to prevent unauthorized access. But what happens if an end user legitimately needs to access an account to complete a specific task? Well, in the past there were two options: change their access rights, or (ugh) do the task for them. Well, now in RDM 2020.3, you have a much better option: give them temporary access! This helpful new feature currently works with SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB. We will be adding more data sources in the near future, including Devolutions Server.


Session Recording for File Explorers

About a year ago, we introduced session recording in Remote Desktop Manager. This feature is ideal for reviewing a session, as well as training and auditing. To make session recording even more useful for you, RDM 2020.3 supports all file explorers, such as SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and more.


Revamped User Vault (formerly Private Vault)

We have changed the name of the Private Vault to User Vault, in order to express the fact that a User Vault is designed for a specific end user to store personal, business-related account credentials.

More Data Sources

RDM 2020.3 supports two new data sources: Password Hub Business and Password Hub Personal (formerly known as Devolutions Password Hub). Password Hub Business is our highly secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based password manager for teams. And Password Hub Personal is our soon-to-be-released free personal password manager.


New Credential Types

RDM 2020.3 supports two new credential types: HashiCorp and Topicus KeyHub. HashiCorp has four authentication methods: Token, UserPass, RADIUS, and LDAP, as well as two types of engine keys and values:


To connect to the Topicus KeyHub credential, simply enter a username, password, One Time Password (note that OAuth2 must work or the user will be rejected), and a general password (added by Topicus).


But Wait, There’s More!

These are just some of the MANY improvements in RDM 2020.3. For a complete list, please visit the Release Notes page.

There’s More on the Way!

Don’t worry, our Developers aren’t going to take a vacation or start a pinball tournament. They’re hard at work making RDM even better for you. For example, they’re in the process of making Devolutions Web Login for Safari 14, which will make you Apple fans happy. There is much more on the horizon, but we’re keeping them a secret for now so that we can surprise you soon!

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