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Hello there! My name is Derick St-Hilaire, and I’m the Salesforce Administrator here at Devolutions. I’m one of the more experienced employees here at Devolutions, and it has been amazing to see the company and community grow over the years. My primary responsibilities include managing our Salesforce platform, and working closely with our strategic partners and customers. I also oversee the management of Devolutions Force, which is our VIP Advocate Community. Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I enjoy camping, walking my dog, playing video games, and I’m a huge movie fan — including the Star Wars franchise of course. If you would like to join Devolutions Force, or if you wish to get in touch, then you are welcome to contact me directly at


Will You Triumph in Our Game of Thrones Quiz?

As Queen Cersei declared, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” Well, the stakes aren’t THAT high in our Game of Thrones quiz – your life isn’t on the line here – but your ability to call yourself an ultra-mega-super GoT fan certainly is.

Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind: there are 20 questions in total that cover all seasons (1-8), as well as some behind-the-scenes aspects of the show. Ready to see if you should sit on the Iron Throne, or be forced to experience the Walk of Shame? Here we go!

Take the Quiz

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Score 0-5: Alas, the Walk of Shame

We’re sorry, but your score is so low that you must indeed pass through the Walk of Shame, while Ygritte screams, “You know nothing!” Luckily, like the actress who played Queen Cersei, you are entitled to a body double.

Score 6-10: Off to the Wall

The good news is that your head isn’t going to end up on a pike, and you won’t be broiled by dragons. But the bad news is that it’s off to the Wall for you, where you can polish up on your Games of Thrones skills!

Score 11-14: The North is Yours!

Nicely done! Although you did get some questions wrong, your score clearly demonstrates that you are a Game of Thrones fan. Please proceed to Winterfell and protect the north with your skill and strength.

Score 15-17: Hand of the King

Your score is exceptional and has earned you the distinction of being Hand of the King. Just keep in mind that King Bran can get a bit moody at times. And then there’s that whole wargthing. Don’t worry. You’ll do fine!

Score 18-20: The Iron Thone is Yours

Wow — your score is either perfect or very close to perfect. The Iron Throne is yours. Take a seat and rule with wisdom for many years to come, Your Majesty!

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