“The moment I saw all of Remote Desktop Manager’s features, I knew it was the solution we needed.” -Nicolas Bonnet, Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility & System and Network Engineer at Groupe Scala

Client Snapshot: SAS Groupe Scala

SAS Groupe Scala provides digital transformation, infrastructure application, cloud, and global communication services. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Marseille, France. More than half of the company’s workforce of approximately 200 people are IT professionals.

Groupe SCALA’s Challenges:

Groupe Scala’s Project Unit is comprised of IT professionals who provide technical assistance to clients remotely and on-site. Previously, the team was struggling with frustrations related to remote connection management and access. These challenges included being forced to:

  • Reconfigure tools with new usernames/passwords when visiting different customers on-site.
  • Launch multiple tools and consoles to access different protocols (e.g. RDP).
  • Repeatedly get different credential data for the same machine (e.g. AD, file server, etc.).
Groupe Scala’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Groupe Scala’s System and Network Engineer Nicolas Bonnet, who is also a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility, started searching for a better solution and was introduced to Remote Desktop Manager by a colleague. After exploring all the functions and features, he immediately adopted it and replaced all other tools.

Since implementing Remote Desktop Manager, Groupe Scala has enjoyed many benefits and advantages, including:

  • Improved Efficiency & Client Service: It is no longer necessary to reconfigure tools or remember multiple passwords when visiting clients on-site. Staff get to work the moment they arrive.
  • Improved Performance: When accessing different protocols (e.g. RDP), it is no longer necessary to open several tools and consoles. Everything can be launched directly from within RDM.
  • Improved Visibility: Staff clearly see all open connections at-a-glance through RDM’s interface.
  • Improved Organization: Staff create folders to organize various information related to a specific server, and therefore get the information they need quickly and easily.

Comments Nicolas Bonnet on his experience with Remote Desktop Manager:

“The biggest wins for me are that I am saving time and increasing productivity. I no longer need to remember usernames and passwords for each client. As soon as I arrive on-site, I am operational.”