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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Remote Desktop Manager

5 Reasons Why Not Use RDM

Pfffftttt – who needs a password management solution? I mean, I can totally remember all my passwords and manage everything myself. And anyway, I will never, ever get hacked! So why use Remote Desktop Manager? I’d just be throwing money away. Instead, I could spend it on more important things this muggy summer, like going to a waterpark or buying delicious iced coffees.

Don’t get fooled by the hype! Here are 5 reasons why I don’t need RDM, and neither do you:

1. All of my passwords are the same

The myth: I don’t have to remember 20 different passwords. I’m outsmarting the hackers by having “one password to rule them all.” And it’s a strong one too – it’s un-crackable! Who would ever think of using my cat’s name, followed by my niece’s date of birth, and then a number sign. Stan0805# for the win!

The truth: The truth is that hackers don’t target you directly. They’re not spying on every aspect of your life to try and guess your passwords. Remember when Yahoo got hacked? You think they were targeting you personally? Lots of users with “un-hackable passwords” get hacked. Starting to see where the problem lies when using the same password on all websites? The first thing the hacker will do is try the username/password combination he stole and try it on other websites that are on their hit list!

The solution: RDM’s built-in Password Generator lets you easily generate strong and unique passwords for all of your accounts. Plus, RDM will remember them for you (and only you!).

2. Everyone is an admin

The myth: I found the ultimate solution to the burden of creating and managing privileged accounts: I made everyone on my team an admin! Why would I need a software to set different permissions when I can do everything on my own in one swoop?

The truth: Look at it this way: would you give a key to your house to everyone you know? Of course not! But if you make everyone an admin just to avoid managing privileged access and accounts, then that’s basically what you’re doing. You’re giving your users great power, and with great power comes great responsibility…which they are not even aware of. So what happens when a single user clicks on a fraudulent link and gets hacked? That’s right: the doors blow open to your application servers, privileged accounts…everything!

The solution: RDM has a powerful built-in role-based security system that makes it easy and efficient to control access rights. Only authorized and trusted users can view, edit or manage permitted privileged accounts. Plus, you can save time by setting permissions on multiple entries all at once.

3. I’ll never get hacked

The myth: Target gets hacked. Sony gets hacked. But me? Give me a break! I’ll never get hacked because I’m ultra-careful. Like, I never click on suspicious links or visit insecure websites. Hackers can’t get me. I’m invincible!

The truth: Some experts say that the chances of getting hacked are a staggering 33%. Basically, if you check your bank account online or do anything that requires the Internet, then there is a 1 in 3 chance that you’ll get hit. Between phishing, viruses and Trojans, it’s almost impossible to dodge every attack.

The solution: We can’t promise you that RDM will eliminate the possibility of getting targeted by hackers. But RDM will certainly lower your chances of getting victimized by storing your data source in a highly secured and centralized repository that is further protected by two-factor authentication.

4. I write all my passwords on a piece of paper

***The myth:***Sometimes the best answer to a technology problem is to head in the opposite direction and go old school. And that’s why I write down all of my passwords in a nice blue password book. It’s way safer than keeping it on my computer. Nobody can access my drawer…well unless I forget to lock it, but that almost never happens!

The truth: What if one of your colleague finds your little blue password book, and decides to do something bad with your account? Who do you think would get fired? And when you pull out your password book at work, what do you do? Cover it with your hand when someone passes by? That’s not going to help. It’s not encrypted! It’s just plain text that anyone can peek at. And as for the lock on your drawer, sorry, but thieves can dismantle that in seconds, blindfolded, while juggling and riding a unicycle.

The solution: RDM is here for you! It has powerful capabilities to store and manage all your passwords and privileged accounts in a safe and secure password vault using US Federal Government approved encryption. It also provides each of your users with their very own private repository that is accessible only to them for storing all of their private account information.

5. My brain can remember ALL of my complex passwords

The myth: I don’t need a password management solution, because I can remember all of my complex passwords. Some people have a bad memory, but not me!

The truth: Unless you have a brilliant mind like Sheldon Cooper, don’t count on being able to remember everything. You’ll end up compromising the complexity of your passwords and making concessions on what you know are best practices. In the end it will only result in one weak password being reused all over the place.

The solution: This is where the Devolutions Web Login comes in and saves the day. This is our one-click web browser extension that pulls your credentials directly from RDM (where they are securely stored), and automatically logs you into end servers, systems, applications and websites. Bazinga!

Give RDM a Try

RDM Enterprise is free to try for 30 days, after which you can purchase an affordable one-time license or continue using RDM Free for as long as you wish. Explore the features and functions, and see why organizations of all sizes around the world trust RDM to keep their users, data and reputations safe. Click here to download RDM.

As always, please let us know your thoughts by using the comment feature of the blog. You can also visit our forums to get help and submit feature requests, you can find them here.

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