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10 Entries Store Devolutions Server

10 Types of Entries You Can Store in Devolutions Password Server

IT pros know that having a strong and comprehensive password policy helps keep data safe — and away from hackers. Everyone knows that a password manager can help respect policies that involve securely storing sensitive and personal data. There are many great password managers available to meet these requirements. However, a qualified password manager can do much more than simply store passwords. Here at Devolutions, we offer Devolutions Password Server (DPS). A password manager that offers many types of entries that can be used to store your organization data, your work passwords as well as your personal information. Here are 10 types of entries that you can store:

1. Alarm Codes

Remember that in addition to the alarm code for your business, you can store the code(s) for your home, or other assets that you’re protecting.

2. Credit Card Information

Shopping online has its pros and cons — and the biggest drawback is that you might be more vulnerable to hackers. It’s never (ever!) a good idea to save your credit card information on any website. But it can also be inconvenient to pull out your credit card every time you want to buy something. Storing your credit card information in Devolutions Password Server is the simple and secure answer. Whenever you need the information, just grab/copy/paste it, and you’re done.

3. Notes and Memos

Have a brilliant new business idea? Or perhaps you learned something very useful about a prospective customer or competitor that you don’t want to forget — but that you also don’t want to write down by hand, or store in an insecure document on your computer or smartphone. No problem: use Devolutions Password Server’s note entry, and safely capture your critical information.

4. Passport Information

You probably keep a physical copy of your passport (main pages) with you when you travel, just in case it gets stolen. But you can also use Devolutions Password Server to store critical information, such as your passport number, and the contact numbers for who to call in the event of an emergency or passport damage, loss or theft. Better safe than sorry!

5. Serial Numbers

Hunting for serial numbers when you need to reinstall software is tedious, and it can also be frustrating if information is stored in various spreadsheets, databases, and documents. Devolutions Password Server lets you securely centralize all of your serial numbers, so they’re easily and quickly available when you need them.

6. Wi-Fi Router Information

Storing wi-fi router information on a sticky note (or in an easy-to-hack spreadsheet) is a disaster waiting to happen. Keeping everything in Devolutions Password Server is smart, and lets you easily give required information to new employees and authorized visitors/guests on an as-needed basis.

7. Bank Information

In addition to your credit card information, you can store all of your banking information, such as your bank name, address, account number(s), and your online banking and debit card passwords/PINs.

8. Email Account Information

You probably have a few different email accounts, such as one for your professional use (work stuff, newsletters, etc.), and one for your personal use (family, hobbies, contests, etc.). Devolutions Password Server lets you securely store all of your usernames and passwords.

9. Login (Web)

These are my favorite entries! You can store every username and password for all the websites you visit. Plus, if you use Devolutions Web Login, you won’t have to input anything — you’ll automatically log in, which saves you time and effort.

10. Wallet Information

If you’re like me, then you’ve lost your wallet on more than one occasion — and panicked. Well, Devolutions Password Server can’t promise that you’ll never lose your wallet again. However, what it can promise is that you’ll quickly be able to get your most important information, such as your driver’s license number, insurance data, membership information, and so on.

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To learn more about these entry types, please browse through our online help portal. You can also contact us with questions.

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